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How to Be a Streamer? A Beginner's Guide

Author: Twitch Bits
by Twitch Bits
Posted: Dec 29, 2022
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Assume you're with your buddies and the topic turns to a game. You're doing your best to describe the game you were playing the night before, but you're having trouble.

You want, you could show them the game, that they could watch you blast that demon boss back to hell.

Then you'd all applaud and celebrate, and you'd genuinely FEEL the genius of this game! Guess what?

You can now do that using several streaming services, but... how do you become a streamer?

How to Become a Streamer?

It's more challenging to answer this question than it is to become a streamer.

To correctly answer it and assist you in becoming a streamer, we will divide it into seven more specific questions.

Who Can Become a Streamer?

Everybody. You can begin streaming if you are under eighteen.

However, remember to obtain your parent's or guardian's permission before pressing the 'GO LIVE' button.

Which Platform Should I Start Streaming On?

This is a critical step in learning how to become a streamer:

caffeine, Twitch, and YouTube Gaming. TV, Facebook Gaming - Each streaming channel has advantages and disadvantages, and your ultimate aim will determine your choice.

1. Twitch is the most well-known and largest platform; however, you will only be allowed to stream in 1080p at 60 frames per second if you achieve Twitch Affiliate status.

That will enable many benefits that may be used as income, such as twitch bits.

It is a twitch currency, and we can use that bits as real money by converting bits to USD.

2. Since the demise of the Microsoft Mixer platform, Facebook Gaming has grown fast. Setup is straightforward.

However, you may need help editing your recordings and low-quality streaming if you refrain from participating in Facebook's Level Up Program.

3. YouTube Gaming offers 1080p broadcasting to everyone, but because of YouTube's sloppy content management.

Where live broadcasts are jumbled with recorded video, getting your channel out there may take much work.

4. Caffeine.TV is the smallest of these four; thus, there are fewer viewers, but it is simpler to get noticed there.

They all have different monetization plans and ways for streamers to generate money from their video, so familiarise yourself with them.

In our guide, you may learn more about earning money from Twitch broadcasting:

How to monetize a Twitch stream is simple to know but tough to master.

This may appear unimportant at first because it does not interfere with how to become a streamer, but as you progress, it will become a crucial element.

Which Type of Content Should I Stream?

While live streaming is typically linked with gaming, there are no restrictions on what you may stream (as long as it does not violate the terms and conditions of a particular platform).

'Just Chatting,' where broadcasters may interact with their viewers, is one of the most popular categories on Twitch right now.

So, whether you want to play an impostor in Among Us or teach people how to build a kitchen cabinet from the ground up, there is consistently a place for you on a stream.

What Equipment Do I Need to Start Streaming?

Your first idea may be that you need a PC to learn how to become a game broadcaster or to stream any other type of material.

However, it is perfectly viable to broadcast on a Mac, Xbox, Playstation, and even a mobile phone.

You have a choice! However, if you want your channel to appeal to viewers, you must invest in at least a solid microphone and a high-quality camera.

What Are the Basic Steps to Growing My Channel?

While boosting your readership is a challenging endeavor, there are a few basic steps you should take:

1. Personalize Your Channel - Nothing is more frustrating to viewers than channel information that contains nothing.

Make your channel identifiable to represent who you are as a creative and what material you want to show.

Provide viewers with information about yourself, utilize eye-catching panels and overlays, notify them when you are streaming.

How they can support you, and which social media platforms they can follow you on.

2. Plan Your Streams - Consistency is essential in building your stream's community.

Even if you stream once every few days, try to discover and keep to times that work best for you and your fans.

This lets everyone watching your broadcast know when they can expect you to be online and motivate them to come back the next time you're life.

3. Notify Your Viewers Before the Start of Your Stream - Although it appears apparent, this feature needs to be noticed.

While many platforms automatically send notifications about your broadcast, extra tools and bots are available to help you communicate these to your viewers more effectively.

Remember to notify folks on social media that you're broadcasting!

4. Consider Your Channel's Overarching Concept - Take a moment to consider what you prefer to show others.

Do you have a talent you'd like to show off? Or would you rather amuse everyone by laughing with them about how bad you are at League of Legends?

You may be sociable and decide to form intimate relationships with your audience.

Whatever path you choose, remember that the essential thing is to maintain your channel accurate and enjoyable for viewers and, more significantly, for yourself.


While everyone enjoys watching their channel's viewership increase, keep in mind that streaming is about more than just statistics.

Building solid communities is a crucial component of how to become a successful streamer.

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Twitch Bits, often known as Bits, are Twitch's own virtual currency, and our Twitch Bits to USD calculator makes it simple to determine the USD worth of any number of bits.

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