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Why Do You Need Web Development?

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Dec 26, 2014
web development

Many companies are still interested in web development which can encompass a general page of text to the most intricate internet applications or social networks. Web development has been a growing industry in Auckland, New Zealand that has shown little signs of slowing down since the internet was commercialized. The web development companies can help companies from any industry reach their customers in ways that will help their business grow for years to come.

How Can Web Development Help Companies Grow?

It has gone from being a commodity that only the wealthiest of businesses had to a necessity for survival. It seems like every store has a website where their customers can see their information. This has become a necessity since the boom of the internet which allows potential customers a way to find businesses in the largest city in New Zealand with over a million people without having to be within the area to find it. Having an online presence will help reach the thousands of tourists who come to Auckland each year.

What Is the Basic Form of Web Design?

The most basic form of web development is the basic web page that you would remember from the dawn of the internet. These are the basic web pages of old that had a few pictures with some text. The newer aspects of the basic form of development will include accessibility, search engine optimization, and web usability.

What Is the Advanced Form?

Most businesses require more than just basic web development. This can include web elements like:

  • Web site code optimization
  • Web server stress testing
  • Having a web application created, deployed, or integrated into your web page.
  • Any kind of flash capabilities
  • Audio, animation, or video
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Website security, etc.

This is when companies should consider a web development company. These companies have trained professionals who know how to properly code these aspects and monitor them for their clients.

What about Security?

One of the biggest concerns that companies have is security. With any web development project, you are going to have security concerns which all need to be handled carefully. It is rare but malicious attacks can happen. These can be anything from malicious scripts to someone attempting to hack your website to get the information that your customers share with you.

What is Port Hardening?

Port hardening is one of the techniques that can protect your sever safe from an attack. This technique allows a company to ensure that the data is kept safe on its way from one computer to another. This is the reason that many web developments have encryption that have been written into the code to protect their customer’s information from hackers. This process is different for web based applications which rely on frequent updates to keep them secure. This job is often handled by the web developers, who will upload frequent security patches to keep the web application, secure.

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