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Least Cost Routing: What You Need to Know

Author: Aaroni Leon
by Aaroni Leon
Posted: Dec 30, 2014

When making telephone calls, the common question is what you can do to save money. The more calls you make the more important it becomes for you to reduce costs. With least cost routing this challenge is solved. The best thing about this service is that it also allows you to automate. Thing is, if you have established a partnership for a service with a carrier that offers low cost calls, chances are that there are certain destinations that might still be expensive.

LCR allows you to configure the telephone system to different area codes. That way, you can have a primary carrier for your outgoing calls and alternate with another carrier who offers this service at a better price in a different destination. A Software company that offers this service will store the information and translate the data into prices so that you can pay for the telephone calls when it is necessary. This company also allows you to choose the best carriers for every call which goes through the software application.

Here are some of the ways that the Software Company creates a simple system for companies:

The company assists you in choosing the route cost and the prefix of the telephone number. Here the prefix will include the numbers that will determine the application of the route. For instance, there are prefixes for different cities. When you dial a number, the area code will be indicated. Therefore, the carrier will choose overlapping routes such that there is one rate for all the cities in a given country.

There are some least cost routing systems that are very well advanced and consider other services. For instance, the cost of a telephone call will depend on its source. Extra tariffs apply for calls within the state and outside the state. This system will therefore take into account the identity of the caller and then use this information to determine the call costs.

Companies that offer LCR services sell different packages to clients. Some premium packages include high audio quality and routes that are less costly. The system will therefore consider the routes that the customer uses primarily and then offer a certain minimum quality agreement for every call. In this case, the company may offer a calling card that the client will use for making calls. The better quality the calls are at cheap prices, the more the client will use the card.

The best companies that offer LCR as a service always ensure that their clients receive what they paid for; good quality telephone conversations at cheap prices. Therefore, what they do is offer fallback routes. As the name suggests, when time comes that the route will have trouble placing a call to another person because of network issues, the LCR as a service will change the route automatically. You will then be able to access the service from another carrier that offers good quality calls at cheap prices.

It is important to remember that calls in these routes change after a while. The best thing with working with a reliable company is that they will update these changes regularly. That way, you are still able to access the service with the same high quality and cheap price.

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