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Important Features of C++ Programming

Author: Java Help
by Java Help
Posted: Jan 11, 2023

C++ is a general-purpose programming language created as an improvement of the C language, which was designed to support the objects-oriented programming. C++ is imperative language and an interpreted language.

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Object-Oriented Programming

C++ is an Object-Oriented Programming Language, unlike C which is a procedural language for programming. This is the primary characteristic in C++. It allows you to create or destroy objects while programming. Additionally, it is able to create blueprints from which objects can be made.

Machine Independent

An C++ executable is not independent of the platform it runs on (compiled programs running on Linux cannot work on Windows) However, they're machine-independent.

Let's explore this characteristic in C++ with the assistance of an illustration. If you've written a program that can run on Windows/Linux/Mac OSX. This is C++ Machine Independent but the executable code of C++ C++ cannot run on various operating systems.


It is a basic language in that it can be divided into parts and logical units and has a rich library support and various data types. Furthermore using the Auto Keyword of the C++ simplifies life.

The auto keyword

The purpose of an auto is to let an auto that lets the C++ compiler deduce the type of data while compiling, rather than forcing you to declare the type of data every time. Keep in mind that you are not able to declare something in the absence of an initializer. There has to be a way to allow the compiler to determine the type of your declaration.

High-Level Language

C++ can be described as high-level Language in contrast to C that is considered to be a mid-level Programming Language. It is simpler to work in C++ as it is a high-level language since it is closely linked to the human-friendly English language.


C++ can be the language of base for a variety of programming languages, which support the characteristic of object-oriented programing. Bjarne Stroustrup discovered Simula 67, the very first object-oriented programming language, which was not equipped with simulations, and decided to come up with C++.


It is evident that C++ is a programming language that is case-sensitive. For instance, can be used to receive input from an input stream. However, if you don't have the input stream case sensitive, then the "Cin" won't work. Other languages, like HTML and MySQL aren't case-sensitive languages.

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