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Social Media Ads or SMS marketing is better for your business?

Author: Suresh Kumar
by Suresh Kumar
Posted: Mar 19, 2023

If you need to pick one of the marketing strategies to promote your business, which one would you choose? From my experience, I suggest you combine both marketing tactics to reach your marketing goals focused on sales, reach, and brand awareness. Doing so will allow you to leverage the lightning speed of offline marketing while building a customer base on social media.

Both marketing modes complement each other to create a fruitful business framework. This article will give you a thorough understanding of SMS marketing and social media. You will also learn how to use them to expand your business and customer base.

Why should you leverage social media advertising?

  • It allows you to address segmented and high-converting customers.

  • The marketing tactic doesn’t empty your pockets like traditional marketing.

  • Lets you split-test your ad campaigns

  • The option to optimise your conversion rates with the help of social media analytics.

  • Allows you to use numerous content types to engage your target audience

Why should you leverage SMS marketing?

  • Since more than half of the Indian population uses mobile phones, you can send unique marketing messages to your segmented audience from them.

  • The open rate of SMS almost touches 100%

  • SMS marketing does not require a complex implementation process.

  • It has a low-cost marketing option compared to social media marketing.

Which one is better- social media or SMS?

Both marketing strategies let you achieve conversions, but their contextual relevance varies. Social media marketing is the one to go if your sole intention is to expand online viability and footprint. Also, social media marketing lets you keep track of customer responses using advanced analytics tools. The insights you gain from social media marketing will power your marketing and retargeting missions. If you don’t have sufficient marketing resources to gain the desired insights, you can get help from a digital marketing expert.

On the other hand, SMS marketing is a great tool to experiment with personalization ideas to improve customer engagement that increases conversions. Here, all your marketing messages should create the perception of a benefactor rather than a typical marketer.

When given an option to select either one of the marketing strategies, you must further consider the following factors:

Resources: Budgeting proves to be easy in both cases. If you perform A/B testing, you can easily estimate the funding required for each ad set.

The audience: Social media ads are highly targeted and managed. For that reason, you can reduce costs and produce the expected outcome.

The marketing team: Social media marketing demands the involvement of a dedicated team. SMS marketing should be your pick if your company does not have one.

The race: When the competition gets tighter on social media, the effectiveness of your social media campaigns gets negatively affected. SMS marketing does not face that issue as your personalised messages reach the target audience directly.

How to club social media with SMS?

For obvious reasons, the combined effect of both strategies brings more value and benefits. That is why it will be exciting to use these unique marketing strategies together in real-world situations.

You can try these marketing ideas to harness the power of both worlds.

  • Building a customer information database

You can club both strategies together to build a customer database. You can generate quality leads that convert by creating engaging (rewarding ) marketing campaigns that encourage customers to use offline and online premises.

  • Building your social media presence

When used together, SMS and social media help build a robust online presence and create brand awareness. The ads you run via SMS to achieve those marketing goals can further be channelized to like and follow your social media profiles. This will result in creating a positive outlook for your business.

  • Creating awareness about your offerings

SMS marketing supplements the popularity of your social media pages. The texts you send must have enough curiosity-generating content to lure customers to view your product listing on your pages. This increases the conversion rate.

No brand can continue its winning streak with just one marketing strategy. By including more innovative marketing strategies in your business, you will create more business opportunities, scale, and achieve better conversion rates.

Good Luck!

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