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Recipes For Dessert

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jan 11, 2015
apple pie

There are many different dessert recipes that you can prepare for special occasions or just a night in. American apple pie is delectable and much easier to make the most people think. You can make your crusted home, or you can buy premade crust and cut down the time you spend. With nothing more than some flour, shortening, apples, butter, and seasoning, you can make a delectable apple pie. Pumpkin pie is another great dessert particularly around the holidays.

Many families would argue that Thanksgiving dinner is not the same without it. If you have extra pastry leftover from making a pie, you can make delicious jam roll ups. Rollout the leftover Joe and line it with your favorite jam or jelly, and roll it up and let it bake in little pieces. These are great snacks to have on hand. Other great food for desserts can include Mexican cocoa cake, or chocolate sour cream cake. You can make a delectable carrot cake, or oatmeal cake with the delectable caramel coconut glaze.

Fudge is always a family favorite particularly on birthdays. Fruit cobbler is a wonderful idea that will surprise everyone who eats it. You can make an apple crisp during the fall, with delicious cinnamon apples. Brownies are of course a wonderful dessert to have on hand the same as chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are a great dessert that you can have any day of the week. They're perfect for a treat after school, or to bring to the office. If you can make peanut butter cookies and add a special touch by placing a chocolate kiss in the middle. You can make oatmeal coconut cookies, or sugar cookies. You can make carrot cookies, or a plate of freshly cut fruit to accompany a lighter sweet tooth.

When you are preparing recipes for desserts, it is important to find a collection of recipes you enjoy, and to write out a shopping list of the ingredients you have versus what you need. You can then organize that shopping list based on type (such as fresh fruit versus canned goods or baking items) so that your shopping excursion is easier.

Once this is done, you can even place the menu for the day or the week somewhere in your home. This doesn't have to be fancy. With the best dessert recipes you can simply place a piece of paper on a magnet against your fridge so that your family can see what's for dessert. Stop worrying about fad diets are counting your carbs. Remember that portion control is one of the best tools to weight control. If you have something like fried chicken one night, maybe choose something lighter the next night with more vegetables and then a healthier dessert like carrot cookies, which are quite divine yet healthier compared to chocolate fudge or caramel topped cake. Dessert doesn't have to be every day if you don't want it to be. The best recipes can be used sparingly.

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