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Metal Surfaces That Are Desirable For The Purposes of Laser Marking

Author: Signvec Pteltd
by Signvec Pteltd
Posted: Nov 20, 2023

Laser marking and engraving are undoubtedly unique methods for marking on different surfaces. But all the same not all material surfaces respond in the same way. They have different properties and structure and react to the process in dissimilar ways. All the same the power and process that has to be employed for different metal surfaces are also different. While hard surfaces require more power and techniques, softer and delicate surfaces require much gentle processes. So in order to accomplish the desired effect and finish, a precise metal surface has to be selected and likewise an accurate powered device as well.

Amongst the surfaces that is laser marked, aluminium has been found to be the most suitable surface. Aluminium is that metal that is widely used in manufacturing crankcases of automobiles. Due to high thermal conductivity, aluminium has a high capacity to give out an excellent finish and response to the laser engraving and marking processes. Especially the fibre laser engraving products can sculpt aluminium and can produce contrast markings of high quality.

Another strong material is stainless steel and on this metal surface laser engraving is reasonably challenging. In this case the speed and power must be increased by adjusting, which usually is done by observing the marking done and the intensity of engrave, on the basis of the light and dark marks. While steel tubes, pipes and similar items are common that undergoes laser engravers, there are also other shapes that are subjected to laser engraving and laser marking in accordance to their necessities. Laser marking or engraving on anodized aluminium can be carried in ways, either it can be engraved or marked on the surface of the metal in the absence of the oxide layer or can be done above the oxide layer. However in either of the cases the resistance magnitude of the metal rests intact.

Magnesium is another metal which the industries prefer to manufacture lighter parts like gearbox, steering wheel and engine casing. While the process of laser engraving and marking can be used for such light parts, the part needs a solid grip. Owing to this reason, it cannot be considered as the best technique, since lighter parts may tend to break while applying force and too much grip. Since the engine can be called as the most essential part of any vehicle, it is important to engrave in such a way that it includes the necessary codes and identifications as well.

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