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Ceramic Car Coating for Metal Surfaces

Author: Karan Sathi
by Karan Sathi
Posted: Jan 28, 2019
ceramic coating

Basics of Ceramic Coating:

Providing most advanced and updated ceramic coating technology of the world is all we mainly focus on. The maximum business focuses on making money but our first priority lies in making happy and satisfied customers. If talking about population then there exists a huge percentage of the population who are unaware of the true meaning of the "ceramic car coating" word and benefit of the technology. There are people wonder- what is the complete scope of having a ceramic coating?

So, with this blog, we have decided to answer a few of the frequently asked question related to the basics of the ceramic coating. Here is everything described that you must know before making a decision if this car coating is worth your time and money investment for your car.

Defining Ceramic Coating:

Ceramic coating like Opti Coat or ceramic pro is a liquid polymer which is applied to the vehicle’s exterior using hand carefully. This coating bonds chemically with the factory paint of the car thus creating a strong protective layer over the body of the vehicle.

One must have a clear concept that ceramic coating is definitely not a substitute for car paint protection film as car PPF gives more stronger protection to your car paint from any external torture. It is an alternative of premium car wax creating a semi-permanent bond with car paint.

Why ceramic coating is needed?

As you drive your love out of the showroom, it is highly prone to minor to major attacks like dust, chemicals, sunrays and time. All these mentioned external factors act directly upon the car paint resulting in the diminished appearance of the car. No matter how hard and often you get your car cleaned followed by regular maintenance, there is very little you can justify when it comes to truly protect your car from these factors. So, here ceramic coating proves itself by providing the ultimate solution of all these problems. Just after single application, the car is completely protected from any damages forever. This because this car coating acts as a shield to the car paint and prevents it from any scratches and mar.

It's composition:

By using nanotechnology, ceramic coating adds an invisible and fine layer over your car paint. As the particles of the layer are very small, they completely seal the pores on the car finally making it impervious to dust, water and many more. This coating becomes a part of the car and won't wash off or fade along with time. So, if you are longing for quality car detailing then you can think of investing your money in ceramic coating.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating:

If talking about the benefits, then answer is the sky is the limit. Extending from being water repellent to hardness, ceramic coating proves that this is the best car coating across the globe. This car coating protects the car from rust or say oxidation and harmful rays including UV rays that fade away car paint over a certain time period. In fact, it is the best to protect your car from any sort of damage is ceramic coat application.

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With these tips and tricks, you can without quite a bit of a stretch make an auto that you had needed for long, yet couldn't in light of exorbitant work costs included.

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