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Effective Ways of Managing Knee Pain

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: Jan 24, 2015

What began as a minor problem has gradually come to dominate every facet of your life. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, ever-present knee pain causes you immense discomfort. Because of this unyielding pain, you’ve become unable to jog, power-walk or engage in other invigorating workout activities. Unfortunately, being inactive doesn’t do much to curb the pain, either. Even when you’re sitting at your desk or relaxing in an easy chair, your knee pain refuses to subside.

At this point, you’re desperate for solutions. When knee pain first became an issue, you assumed that the problem would eventually go away on its own. However, now that it’s become clear the pain is here to stay, there’s no time like the present to start taking action. Luckily, managing knee pain is much easier than you may think. With a little bit of effort on your part, you can take your life back and have the pain under control in a timely manner. When it comes to keeping knee pain in check, there are a number of options at your disposal. So if you’re ready to bid knee pain a long overdue farewell, heed the following tips.

Pain Medication

There are many different reasons knee pain occurs, the most common of which are osteoarthritis, joint degeneration and physical trauma. Fortunately, highly effective pain medications exist for these conditions, as well as the other underlying causes of knee pain. In order to obtain the medication your particular condition requires, you’ll need to have your knees examined by a licensed physician. After determining the root cause of your pain, she’ll be able to prescribe the appropriate medication. Due to the addictive nature of prescription pain meds, it’s imperative that you take no more than the doctor-prescribed dosage. Rather than self-medicate, consult your physician if you think you require a larger dose.

Physical Therapy

Although physical fitness can be difficult for knee pain sufferers, certain types of exercises can ultimately help relieve their discomfort. If you want to diminish your knee pain and get some exercise in the process, schedule a physical therapy session at a reputable pain management center. A skilled physical therapist will be able to teach you a number of stretches and exercises that promote pain relief. Such exercises work particularly well for people suffering from osteoarthritis, as they’re designed to reduce joint inflammation.

Knee Replacement

If you suffer from chronic osteoarthritis or prevalent physical trauma, knee replacement surgery may be your best option – particularly if you’ve tried pain medication and physical therapy to no avail. As the name suggests, this type of operation involves the removal and subsequent replacement of the affected knee(s). Although an artificial knee will take some getting used to, no longer having to contend with knee pain on a constant basis should prove well worth the adjustment.

If left untreated, knee pain can turn your life into an endless nightmare. Simply going about your daily tasks can seem like a pain-riddled chore. Fortunately, by taking prescription pain meds, engaging in physical therapy or, if need be, undergoing knee replacement surgery, you can make chronic knee pain a thing of the past.

About the Author: Jim Stevens is an auto mechanic and garage owner who resides in Edison, New Jersey. No longer able to deal with his chronic knee pain, Jim recently sought treatment at Carteret Comprehensive Medical Care. After receiving treatment for osteoarthritis, Jim’s knees are pain-free for the first time in years. Happy to have his life back, Jim recommends Carteret’s services to New Jersey residents wondering how to deal with knee pain.

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