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Guide to Prevent Lens Shaking When Using a 360 Video Booth

Author: Polite Play Ground
by Polite Play Ground
Posted: Feb 12, 2024

Photo booths are becoming an increasingly common choice for a variety of events and celebrations in the era of the advanced digital world. Undoubtedly, people love to record their priceless moments, whether they are at weddings, workplace events, or any social gatherings. Before you plan for 360 video booth hire in Sydneyor near you, ensure to follow the tips to make sure your recordings look appealing and stable. It’s because sometimes the quality of videos captured through photo booths can occasionally be affected due to video shakes. Of course, all the enjoyment goes in vain. However, by following this guide, you can know how to deal with the problem of footage shaking.

Why Video Shake Occurs

The problem of video shake can negatively impact the experience of the viewer as it reduces the quality of the film and also harms your reputation as a professional. A shaky appearance can be caused by a number of things, such as:

  • Unstable Platform: An unsteady photo booth base could cause instability throughout the entire filming platform, which might compromise the stability of the footage.
  • Arm Movement: During use, the arm of the camera device may undergo slight vibrations or movements, which could cause visible shaking.
  • Angle and Distance of the Camera: If the camera is mounted at an extreme or distant angle, there is an increased likelihood of lens shake.
  • Subject Movement: Especially in social settings, subjects may move around, which may cause image shaking.
Things to Keep in Mind for Avoiding Video Shakes

Let's now discuss how to fix the video shaking problem in photo booth shots.

  • Be Confirm About the Stability of Platform

The base upon which the complete shooting process is built is the photo booth platform. You may verify whether the surface is balanced with the use of a leveling tool, and if not, you can make the necessary adjustments. To keep the platform stable, a stabilizing device such as a leveling mechanism is essential.

  • Ideal Camera Distance and Angle

Great if you opted for 360 video booth hire Sydney to make your event successful and entertaining. However, be careful about the camera's distance & angle. To prevent shaking, it's additionally important to choose the right camera angle and distance. Aim to keep the camera neither too near nor too far from the subjects. Don't put the camera at sharp angles either, as this can make it more likely to shake.

  • Make Sure About the Arm Stability

A vital component that holds the camera securely in place is the shooting equipment's arm or bracket. It is advisable to periodically examine and adjust these levers & connectors, as loose fittings might cause the image to shake. Securing two close-by levers together to provide stability is an usual method.

  • Stabilize Subject Movements

Give the participants a few brief commands before you start shooting, telling them to not move too much. In addition, choose to take less duration shots in order to reduce the possibility of subject mobility.


360 Photo booth is a fun way to record memorable events. But video shaking can affect high-quality content. In order to effectively reduce the issue of shot shaking, you should make sure that the platform is stable, fasten the brackets, pay attention to camera angles, and stabilize subject movements.

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