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Why is B2B Ecommerce Platform Comparison Important?

Author: Synapse Solutions
by Synapse Solutions
Posted: Jan 29, 2015

The dawn of the new millennium has seen the birth and rise of a digital era. Everything we use or see has some level of digitization in it. This rise has also seen the rise of a flourishing ecommerce industry. Earlier, there was a certain amount of hesitation in the people regarding various ecommerce website due to a variety of reasons. But the story is different now. Ecommerce websites are now flourishing like never before and generating a lot of capital.

Now, the first question which comes to mind when we talk about B2B ecommerce platform comparison is what exactly is B2B Ecommerce? Business-to-Business Ecommerce basically refers to the ecommerce transactions which occur between two businesses as opposed to being between the business and the consumer. B2B ecommerce can be of many different types, like between manufacturer and wholesaler, between wholesaler and retailer. Ecommerce has impacted and benefited B2B transactions immensely as now business owners across the world can contact with each other and benefit from their produce.

B2B platform comparison is an essential tool for an enterprise attempting to find the best possible suppliers for them. A number of websites are there in place which can help the company to find the supplier whose quality and rates are up to the desired level. These platform comparison websites essentially map out the various suppliers available who offer the desired product. They then compare these online ecommerce portals according to their various attributes like market presence, buyer satisfaction etc and plot these on a graph to facilitate easy representation and visualization. They also group these companies, according to the promise they show, into various categories such as leaders, contenders, high performers etc. Every company strives to be one of the high performers as well as hire one as it would mean that the high performing company is having a good market presence with increased level of satisfaction. Prospective clients can hence, very easily survey all the available options in the market without an elevated cash investment.

B2B ecommerce website design is also a crucial part of B2B Ecommerce. A good and easy user interface and a website which is optimised and easily navigable is highly desired for online businesses. A good B2B ecommerce website design helps in attracting potential clients as these days; an optimised website has begun to signify an efficient and trustworthy business. Clients tend to bend towards these companies. Hence, to establish an effective B2B oriented Ecommerce Company, one must take care of both platform comparison as well as an efficacious website.

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