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Tips for Dying Your Hair at Home

Author: Helen Reviewer
by Helen Reviewer
Posted: Jan 29, 2015

Changing your hair's color at home can save you from a lot of money but it can also make you ruin the hair color completely if you don't dye it properly. With a few preparations you can take all the cautionary measures in order not to fail in this project. If you plan to choose a color that's close to your natural color then you should not worry at all; there aren't so many dangers for what could go wrong if you obey the directions for the products that you use. If you plan on changing your color with a few shades then you might encounter some problems. If you want to make it darker there is no problem at all. If you wish to make it lighter you may face some stress until you will wash and dry your hair to see the final result.

Black hair

If you have black hair and you want to make it look lighter, first you should see what type of colors would look good on you. It doesn't matter their brightness, it matters from what color the dyeing process starts from. Is it black, dark brown, copper, red, brown, dark blond, blonde or special blond? Pay attention to what undertone you have. If you dye it with products that contain hydrogene peroxyde and you want to choose a blonde shade, you may look like an orange chicken after you will have washed your hair. It's safer for you to stick to colors that are closer to your natural color. If you want to choose a black hair color, you can be sure that the color will stay with you for a long time so you'd better be sure that this is exactly what you want to do.

Start from red

If you have red hair then you still haven't got rid of the danger of having an orangish head after you have changed your hair color. If you choose a red hair color, it's very difficult to remove the red pigment off your hair. If you really insist on red shades, you should first try some highlights.If you wish to see what highlights work on red hair, visit On this website, you will also discover the latest hair trends as well as tips and tricks for achieving the perfect colors.

Start from blond

If your natural hair is blonde then you can consider yourself lucky for having the most versatile hair. Think about it if you want to lose this precious feature before dyeing it! You can basically do anything you want with the color of your hair. Any color you like will be imprinted in the pigment of the blonde hair. If you start from a blond base, there are very few chances of anything going wrong.

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