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Brad the perfect fit for Fashion Police

Author: Sienna Haynes
by Sienna Haynes
Posted: Jan 31, 2015
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While viewers have mixed opinions on Kathy Griffins as Joan Rivers’ replacement on Fashion Police, they love the addition of celebrity stylist and TV personality, Brad Goreski.

So the 72nd Golden Globes became the platform for Kathy Griffin’s big reveal as Fashion Police’s new torchbearer.

What’s the verdict?

Well, going by some of the Tweets after the first show, there are strong sentiments about Griffin filling Joan Rivers’ seat. On the flip side, Brad Goreski has proved to be an instant hit with his camp disposition and critical eye.

Just days prior the glitzy ceremony, the panel of Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and Brad Goreski (replacing George Kotsiopoulos) – shed light on the new-look show and how Griffins, who was unable to attend as she was ill, fits into the team.

This is what they had to say…

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Fashion Police hosts Kelly Osbourne, Brad Goreski and Giuliana Rancic.

Evans Vestal Ward/E!


Repercussions be damned, Rancic is a marvellous revelation this season.

Aside from being in fine comedic form, the fashionista is on point with her comments. Staying true to her journalism roots, she is well informed, up to date with the latest trends and constructive in her observations. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the fashion industry is incredible, to say the least.

Of course, slating people on the red carpet also draws attention to Rancic – something the Giuliana and Bill star takes into consideration when she steps in front of that Live From The Red Carpet camera.

While she certainly outshone Griffin in the first episode, Rancic is, if nothing else, a team player. And that much was apparent at the press conference.

On being on the receiving end of scrutiny for her wardrobe – not that it merits one as she is the epitome of chic – Rancic commented: "I think we are judged probably harsher than most people because, for a living, we critique the outfits on the red carpet. But, it’s like we get no break, but we don’t want a break. When I’m on the worst-dressed lists, oh my God, it’s the best because my friends and I get to sit around and look at the pictures. They’re like: ‘What were you thinking?’ And it’s funny. It’s fashion. In order to be a true fashionista, you have to, of course, be on best-dressed lists. But you have to be on worst-dressed lists as well because it means you are taking a risk."

Rancic says she loves the way Griffin deals with her fashion faux pas and shared a funny anecdote.

"Kathy Griffin actually laminates pictures of her own worst-dressed lists and puts them up around her house. I once went to an open house years ago. They wouldn’t say the name of the celebrity (who owned the house) and as I was trying to figure it out, I saw all these laminated pictures of Kathy. I’m like, either this person is a psycho who’s obsessed with Kathy Griffin or it’s Kathy Griffin’s house."

While some celebrities laugh off the insults, others take them to heart. In fact, Taryn Manning went off on Rancic for crucifying a dress she’d worn and this was while Rancic was on a dinner date with her then actor boyfriend. But this was pre-Manning’s fame in Orange is the New Black.

The host quipped: "Well, he wasn’t a good one (actor). But it was a more mortifying experience. I wanted to hit her."

Tina Fey merely fobbed off comments about her Zac Possen dress, but did rag Rancic at the next red carpet event.

She recalled: "The first thing she said to me was: ‘Oh, didn’t you take a hot steaming dump on my dress last week?’ I said: ‘Yes’. I was honest and said: ‘That was not a good dress on you. But, tonight you look beautiful’. And she’s like, ‘I’m kidding. It’s fine. I don’t care. I love Fashion Police’. She played along. That’s how most celebrities are now. They realise that Fashion Police is a comedy."

Unashamed about her crush on George Clooney, Rancic predicted his new wife Amal would be a head- turner on the red carpet. Her ensemble was – except for those horrendous white gloves.

Meanwhile, she is shifting her crush to Bradley Cooper.

Lastly, Rancic offered: "So many people do associate Fashion Police with Joan. But I think Kathy is going to bring some things that are similar to Joan, but also very different. Kathy is one of the greatest comediennes ever. And she doesn’t pretend to be Joan either. I think people will love her."


I JUST love him! He has this irreverence and diva-ness that lends itself beautifully to his barbed but constructive take on what’s hot and what’s not. And he isn’t trying to be anyone but himself.

Looking every bit the dapper stylist that he is, Goreski, wearing Asos and Christian Louboutin and bravely rocking pink socks, gushed: "Oh, I’m so excited. You know, it’s such an honour to get to be a part of this show and work alongside Giuliana, Kelly and Kathy."

As for his contribution, he noted: "I have a lot to say. I’m styling people for the carpet and also being in the industry and still working as a stylist. I have very strong opinions about what works and does not work on the red carpet. Now I have a platform to express such views."

On what he’d have really liked to see on the Golden Globes’ red carpet, Goreski revealed: "Wouldn’t you freak out to see her (Jennifer Aniston’s) hair up? I think my head would pop off. Just pull it back and she will be best-dressed. You know what I mean?"

With celebrities often hitting that "oh my god" note – but not in a flattering light – our latest panellist offered: "I also think sometimes people try too hard because they are like, ‘this is it. This is my moment’. There’s something to be said for just showing up and being glamorous and beautiful. There is a lot of attention on who people are wearing, what designer. Sometimes the best dresses aren’t the designer dresses. Sometimes it’s someone we haven’t heard of before – a dark horse. Sometimes it’s more about picking the right dress instead of picking one thinking that it’s going to do something for them."

As for how he is finding his feet (and voice) amid three opinionated co-hosts, he laughed: "I don’t know how we’re all going to keep it together because, yesterday, rehearsal was difficult for all of us to kind of keep our composure. So with Kathy in the mix, I think it’s going to be a really fun show. Obviously, me coming in and being new, I just wanted to fit into the group as well as possible, have some great discussions about fashion and really break it all down."

The good news is that he fits in beautifully – and adds a fresh and welcomed authoritative voice.


Kelly Osbourne exudes charisma and is rather unassuming. That said, she is also a non-conformist. And isn’t one to piggy back on the comments of her co-hosts.

She brings a youthful, out-of-the box energy and wholly embraces individuality. After all, she is the poster girl for it.

She said: "We have a new set, which is great. The basis of the show is that it is comedy, first. There are new parts of the show, too, like new games. I don’t want to give them away.

"We are completely different people with completely different tastes. And then there’s Kathy, who’s got her own taste in everything and loves to tell you about it.".

Coming from a celeb background, she wasn’t spared the denigration over her outfits and has her fair share of worst-dressed mentions.

"You know what – everyone makes mistakes. Look at me, for God’s sake. I’ve had some wicked outfits and not wicked, as in cool. Wicked, as in bad. But I appreciate the bravery it takes to take a fashion risk and still not care what people think. If we give it, we’ve got to take it."

As for her comments stirring beef, she laughed: "Well, Courtney Love put a lovely video of me on the Net because Giuliana said she looked like a crack-head. And she took it out on me. For some reason, no matter what anyone says on the show, I said it, even if I didn’t. If you say one thing about Beyoncé that people could deem as disrespectful, or that you don’t like about her – death threats for a month."

Interestingly, Osbourne revealed that Giuliana and her "have hand signals that no one knows, if someone’s being an assh***", on the red carpet. Then we wait till an ad break and find out what’s going on."

Shedding light on her favourite part of the awards season, she shared: "There are always new girls and that’s what I love. Getting to see them come onto the red carpet for the first time and getting noticed. You feel so honoured to be a part of it. Even if you don’t like their dresses, you see their happiness and end up liking it anyway."

This year, her eye will be on Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lawrence. And, boy oh boy, that hammer will be coming down hard on the celebs who don’t pay attention to their outfits – especially the guys.

Sharing her thoughts on Griffin, she said: "Kathy is brave doing this because it’s not the Kathy Griffin show. She’s coming into a panel. It’s going to take a bit of getting used to.

"I think people need to realise that she is not Joan. It’s our job to make this show the best show it can be so that we can continue Joan’s legacy."

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