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Is the iPad a Netbook-Laptop Killer?

Author: Austin Ames
by Austin Ames
Posted: Mar 28, 2012

iPadWith the iPad’s success over the past couple of years, many people wonder if it will have a negative effect on the sales of Netbooks and Laptops.  Will the majority of people choose the iPad over a laptop?  Will the iPad contribute to the death of laptops?  Most experts have to say no, but the iPad certainly has had an impact on the market.

Plenty of people who want a laptop struggle with the decision between buying a laptop or an iPad. I struggled with this question myself. I loved the look and feel of the iPad, but my computing needs were more than the iPad could deliver, so I opted to purchase a laptop.

The iPad is fun and interesting, but it does not have the functionality that a laptop has.  You cannot multitask on the iPad or have the ease of a full, large size keyboard.  If you are a writer, tech guy or gal, or need to Skype and email at the same time, the iPad may not be that appealing. The iPad is genuinely thought of as more of an oversized iPod Touch, which does not outweigh the benefits of a laptop.

The iPad uses a different operating system, likened to the iPhone, and does not allow some basic apps that are easily accessible on a laptop, like FireFox. Business owners tend to prefer iPads for some areas, but when working with Word or Excel applications, they have found it best to use a laptop.

IPads run about $499 and a typical laptop runs between $299 and $499.  If you are thinking of choosing one or the other, it really depends on what your computing needs are. If you are the kind of person who simply needs light computing needs on a daily basis, then the iPad will suit you well. If you are a business owner or simply like to multitask all the time, then a laptop may suit you well.

The majority of people who are thinking of purchasing an iPad already have a laptop and they are simply buying the iPad in addition to the laptop.  The laptop is used for certain activities, such as typing up documents or creating spreadsheets, and the iPad is used for playing games and reading books.  I think we can all agree that lying in bed at night reading a book on the iPad is much more comfortable than holding a big laptop to read.

Those that prefer to play games, listen to music, and watch videos may opt for the iPad.  The younger generation tends to go for the IPad over the laptop due to its small size and enormous amount of apps to choose from.

Overall, experts have come to the consensus that the iPad will not kill the Netbook or laptop, but they will continue to be big sellers, as consumers like the size, the weight, and the thousands of interesting and exciting apps that can be downloaded.  Both devices are valuable and very popular and experts believe that this will continue.

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