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Don’t Work Too Much And Avoid Being Stressed!

Author: John Josesaf
by John Josesaf
Posted: Oct 10, 2013

If you didn’t know yet, the working stress could bring a lot of diseases, and the first symptoms are dizziness and terrible headaches. Too much work can get you very tired and you can’t sleep well anymore, which is destroying your health over time leading to weakness of the immune system and also some disease caused by the higher level of stress. Also, if you work in an office then you might feel neck pain which is very disturbing, also making the asleep impossible. Also, the stress can cause severe problems to the nervous system, making you angry and anxious every time of the day. If you want to avoid this then you should be careful how you work and try to avoid struggling too much at your working place. Also, make sure that you sleep as much as you can and if you feel that you have insomnia, there are some pills which will make you sleep well.

These problems are very frequently seen at people over 35 years old, especially at those who are working in offices. On the other hand, too much time spent at computer might cause vision problems, and again the symptom of dizziness can appear too. When you work and you feel tired stop working for ten minutes and go outside if you can. Another good idea to lower the level of the stress and to have a healthy body is to take some fruits with you, and when you’re hungry eat a sandwich and an apple too. Another interesting fact is that the apples are offering more energy than the coffee.

On the other hand, the long walks are very helpful for eliminating the stress from your body. The physicals problems are frequently appearing from the work excess, especially the low back pain, which can also affect the kidneys too. Be careful how you work and make sure that you have ideal working conditions. Also, even if you want more money and you try to work more hours per day, stop doing it, because you’ll destroy your health and your immune system, and, in time your nervous system will collapse.

A lot of people died because they worked too much and the level of stress was too high. The diagnosis is very simple: stroke. The blood is not reaching the brain anymore, because the brain is overused with work ignoring the rest of the body. The eyes will start to tear, you’ll feel dizzy, and, at the end you die without feeling it. If you want to avoid medical problems caused by the stress excess, make sure that you’re finding some helpful methods to calm your nerves and don’t run from sleep. It’s recommended to sleep over 8 hours per night and try to respect that if you want a clear mind and a healthy body. If you maintain your body in shape you can work more, and you’ll get tired harder than a normal person.

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