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Playing Dress Up with Children Is Important

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Feb 13, 2015
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One of the best parts about being a child is getting to play. Children can take any kind of toy, and spend hours just playing with it. However, one of the best parts about playing is that little kids can take the clothes of their parents and play dress up. Whether it is just a hat, a tie, a big pair of shoes, or even a Princess Elsa dress, kids can literally turn themselves into anyone they want, which can be a whole lot of fun. However, what parents need to understand is that it is very important for children to play with clothing, and dress up actually does have quite a bit advantages for young growing minds.

The Advantage of Kids Dressing Up

Nothing is more fun than watching children when they are at play. Whether they are wearing a Princess Elsa dress or not, seeing children being able to see the world in a special way is quite remarkable to witness because children are innocent and naive. However, there are many advantages as to why children should play dress up, and here is more information on those:

  • The imagination is inspired: The problem with some kids is the fact they are watching too much television or playing video games. These days there is a lot of electronic stimulation, which is replacing kids using their imaginations. Playing dress up is going to allow them to put
on a Princess Elsa dress, or some other costume, and use their imagination to create a whole world for them to play in.

  • Helps children socialize: At school, there is no better way for kids to talk to other kids then playing with costumes and props. When one child has a great costume on, other kids may want to join them so they can all create a world together that they can play in, which is going to make play time a lot more fun and exciting.
  • Children can gain confidence: Nothing can draw a child out of his or her shell more than to hand them a costume. Shy kids can hide from the world, but letting them play with clothing is going to allow them to feel safe. However, over time, shy kids are going to start to feel more confident, and soon they are not going to be shy and withdrawn from the world.
  • Young children will learn how to communicate better: Studies have shown that kids needs to hear other kids speaking in order to encourage them to speak as well. By playing dress up, kids are going to be seeing other kids talking amongst themselves, and soon, they will join in with them, put on a costume, and start talking too.

One of the best things about being a kid is getting to play. Kids can find an old trunk full of clothes, or their parents can buy them costumes like a pirate costume for boys, or a Princess Elsa dress for girls. Using costumes can actually be very beneficial because playing dress up has a lot of advantages such as helping shy kids become more open, helping young kids speak, and also can be very inspiration for the imagination to become more developed.

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