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Five Easy Steps to Learn Swimming

Author: Archie Bunker
by Archie Bunker
Posted: Feb 14, 2015
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Swimming is a recreational activity which offers many health benefits. It keeps the body fit while building endurance and muscle strength. Many individuals love swimming and if you are one of them who want to learn swimming, then, this article is written for you only.

If "how to learn swimming" is what you look for in a search engine, then what you will have to do is, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Do not fear the water

First things first, do not fear the water. People who fear the water will never learn swimming as they never concentrate what they are taught to. Most of the time, their minds remain frozen, and thus they forget everything. So, the first lesson is, do not fear the water instead, enjoy water activities to gain confidence.

Step 2: Stay relax and focus

Second step says, keep calm and relax your body. Logically, our body should automatically float in the water as it is mostly made out of water. However, our body mass is heavier than the water, and thus we can be drawn if we do not swim. The worst situation arises when our body remains tensed up. This is the main reason that safe guards always ask people to calm down and relax while rescuing them.

Step 3: Know how to breathe

Taking breaths when you are in the water is the third step. The basic one is, inhale when your head is out of the water and exhale when your head is under the water. Most of the beginners who are in their learning period make mistakes by reversing this procedure. This will not allow them to take enough oxygen, hence they tire quickly.

Step 4: Kick in the water to learn swimming

After learning how to breathe in the water, next is, how to kick in the water. You can begin this by holding one end of the pool, and then start kicking. After some practice you will actually start floating, and thus you will be able to swim in the water.

Step 5: Put these all together and start swimming

Once you know all the steps you can then combine them to start swimming. Some folks find this a bit tough as all the steps should be executed well. You should keep swinging your arms while kicking in the water without fear the water. Moreover, keep breathing simultaneously, so that you will not tire soon.

If you do all the steps correct, then it is for sure that you will be swimming. In order to learn swimming you can also look for a right institute or learning center. So, find the best and learn swimming.

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