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Summer tyres versus different summer temperatures

Author: Cassandra Surette
by Cassandra Surette
Posted: Feb 18, 2015
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The best tyre for the summer depends on a few factors. One is where you live, as that will quite much determine what weather that you will experience during the year. If you live in southern Europe, then you will have very hot summers and you will use the same tyre during the whole year. If you live in central Europe, you will have a bit cooler summer temperatures than in the north and you will also probably keep the same tyres on all year. If you live in northern Europe, you will have much cooler summer temperatures and you will change tyres when the winter approaches. One might say that the first and the last is the easiest scenario, as for one you need a tyre that can handle high summer temperature and will not see too low temperatures. The last one you will not see too high temperatures and not too low either, as you will change to winter tyre before it gets too cold.

The summer tire rubber composition is softer than a winter tyre, but at low temperatures it gets too hard and does not exhibit the properties that the tyre was intended to, so the performance will be far from optimal. So it is important to choose a tyre, which is to be used within your area. On top of that you have different performance criteria such as high performance for higher speeds, but that should be secondary selection criteria. Safety should always be first and that is to ensure that your tyres perform well in the temperature range that you will experience. Higher speed also increases the temperature of your tyre, so if you live in a very hot climate and drive fast you definitely need a high performance tyre to ensure it can handle that extra load. I would definitely stay away from cheaper brands here as you are putting a lot of pressure on your tyre and thus you need to consider the safety aspects. This should be key for you and your fellow drivers that you meet on the streets while driving.

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Author: Cassandra Surette

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