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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Delhi

Author: Image Clinic
by Image Clinic
Posted: Mar 04, 2015
breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation- Past Present and Future

By Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, MD, FACS

Diplomate American Board – General Surgery

Diplomate American Board – Plastic Surgery

To have shapely breasts have been the desire of all women since before the start of history. The desirable size of the breasts in today’s culture is a C-cup size such that the waist to breast ratio is 0.67. The height and built of the individual are of course important criteria.

Breast augmentation has been attempted with non-surgical means using medications and massages little success. Subsequently other means of breast augmentation were tried including injections of various medications. This also had variable but overall disappointing results. A variety of substances were injected in the breast from foam to paraffin and wool, all with disastrous results. This went on from late nineteenth to early twentieth century. A nother approach that was attempted in the late nineteenth century was use of patient’s own fat and tissue from the chest with somewhat better results although the techniques were rather crude by todays standards. During the mid twentieth century silicone injections were used on over fifty thousand women with disastrous results.

Then in 1961 the first silicone filled breast implants were devised and were used clinically in 1962. In 1964 saline filled breast implants were developed in France which lagged behind in popularity till the controversy in the 1990s Since the development of implants breast augmentation has become the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the U.S. and many other countries.

In 1990s following a TVshow in the US the controversy started about the linkage of silicone filled breast implants with a variety of medical problems. The silicone filled implants were promptly pulled off the US market. The linkage was never established and in fact the safety of silicone breast implants was subsequently established through extensive studies. This was the time when rapid developments in technology took place. The size, shape and projection of implants evolved, polyurethane coated implants came and went as did soya-been filled implants. Now that the safety of silicone implants is established they are back in almost all the countries. The ne avatar of these implants is the cohesive gel or "gummy bear" implants which do no not flow out even when ruptured. There are many more and safer implant choices that are available today.

There are multiple approaches for breast augmentation. These include putting implants through the armpit, from below the breast fold, through the nipple areola or even through the navel. The first two are the most common approaches for silicone implants. The layer which the implants are put under is also variable, above or below the muscle. There are advantages and disadvantages of both.

In spite of the established safety record of breast implants several concerns remain. If non medical grade silicone is used as in the PRP implants major problems can happen. It is important to use US FDA approved implants which do not have these issues. There is also the possibility of leakage which can occur years after the implant. There is formation of a film of scar tissue around the implant which is called a capsule. The newer techniques and implants have minimized this problem. Further progress is being made in the manufacture of implants as well as techniques used to insert them Cancer screening which was difficult before is becoming easier with MRI technology.

Another technology that is rapidly evolving is the use of autologous fat and stem cells from the individual’s own body to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. With the technologies currently available moderate increase in size is achieved.

There is research in progress where a fully formed breast can be achieved of any size for augmentation or reconstruction. There is also The Bravia vacuum bra system which is a non surgical system for a modest breast augmentation.

With all the new choices available one can tailor the solution to one’s desires.

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