Designing the Heart of your Home - The Kitchen

Author: Subhadra Bhardwaj
by Subhadra Bhardwaj
Posted: Mar 12, 2015
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Ah! The kitchen! Is there any room in the house, which sees any more action than the kitchen?

Who said only living areas, halls or bedrooms can be decorated. It’s quite obvious, when a bathroom can be decorated, why should the kitchen be ignored. Let’s get it decorated too.

In India the kitchen is the "heart of the home" and it deserves quite a bit of attention, as we tend to spend more time there discussing our everyday lives.

Modern interior kitchen design trends change fairly rapidly these days.

A good kitchen interior design is about pulling everything together and making it all look synchronized. Where the stainless steel appliances will look impressive and the cabinets look not only upscale but also lavish against the tiled or any other kind of flooring.

It takes more than quality material to make the kitchen interior design look cohesive and welcoming. What you do to create a pulled together look will reflect on the rest of the house.

If your kitchen looks dark and cluttered, it’s time to brighten and open up the space. Lots of dark cabinetry may convey a cave-like feel that can be depressing. To help balance the space, lighten up the surrounding walls with light neutral paint colors. Invest in light colored curtains or simply add good lighting. You can always add some indoor plants to brighten up the space. If you don’t use an appliance at least a couple of times a week, consider finding a home for it in a cabinet instead of having it take up precious countertop space.

If you noticed that there’s a huge style difference between your kitchen and any of the adjoining rooms, try introducing elements, like colors, textures, and themes that will integrate well with nearby spaces. You don’t have to completely redo the Kitchen interior design, but do add elements, like cane baskets, pop wall art, and textiles that will imitate other areas. Hand and kitchen towels, apron, mittens, paint, curtains, and utility rugs are a great place to start.

If the kitchen looks a bit dingy, a cleanup and fresh coat of paint are what is needed. When choosing paints, select a semi-gloss or glossy paint that will help add some sparkle, shine and color and still be easy to keep clean. Be sure to take the time to clean all the woodwork in your kitchen thoroughly with a wood or general purpose cleaner regularly.

For a fast kitchen interior design facelift, you can also change out your wall or ceiling mounted light fixtures and add track or recessed lighting instead, or trade in your kitchen curtains for new style shades, like Roman shades. These changes will transform the look and feel of your kitchen, giving it a new lease on life.

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