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Abortion pill is used by majority of women to terminate early pregnancy

Author: Nicholas Howard
by Nicholas Howard
Posted: Mar 19, 2015

For the well being of women, medical health professionals introduced the medicine known as abortion pills as it is the safest and perfect medicine for the treatment of early abortion. Basically there are two medicines involved in this procedure which will totally clear the abortion process in a secure manner. Abortion pill kit will contain 1 tablet of mifepristone and 4 tablets of misoprostol. First and foremost user has to take mifepristone orally which will restrict the progesterone hormone and the lining of the uterus is broken and thus the process of pregnancy is stopped. Women will then suffer from drowsiness and so it is strictly warned that after consuming mifepristone she is not allowed to go anywhere. She need to take rest at home and is prohibited from doing any physical or stressful work. Then the secondary medicine known as misoprostol is to be consumed. Now user must know that this medicine can be taken in two ways orally and vaginally. But the health experts recommend the user to go by oral method as vaginal procedure is not much effective and safe. Misoprostol is to be taken within 24 hours or till 3 days. This 200mg tablet is not to be chewed, crushed or broken into pieces. It is to be placed tight below the tongue. Once this pill is taken, user will suffer from bleeding within four hours. No need to panic as it is the positive sign that the abortion is taking place smoothly.

Incase if user doesn’t bleed after having misoprostol?

Usually it is observed that women start bleeding within four hours but unfortunately if it happens that user is not suffering from blood loss than she needs to consume 4 misoprostol tablets again. It might happen as if user must be having ectopic pregnancy problem. Because in ectopic pregnancy case it is recommended that user should not go for misoprostol and need to inform the doctor immediately. Medical expert will confirm it through ultrasound. If ectopic pregnancy is observed then they will find out some another way to do abortion.

How user will know about incomplete abortion?

When user observes that prolonged bleeding is occurring, fever and pain while pushing your belly is observed after three weeks then it is the sign of incomplete abortion. Also if some pregnancy tissues have left within the body then also it indicates incomplete abortion process. Thus without wasting any time, user should quickly visit the doctor and must take appropriate treatment on it. By this simple sign and indications user will come know about unsuccessful abortion.

Will it be a wise decision to go for abortion again?

Many women have the query in their mind and they think twice before going for another abortion if they have already had one in the past. But there is no harm in doing abortion for the second time. As if previously the user has gone through with the successful abortion without any complications then she can opt for it again it won’t cause any problem to her health.

Can user become pregnant after abortion?

Undoubtedly, user can become pregnant and there will not be any complications involved in her pregnancy. If the abortion process has done safely without any risk then women can surely conceive and can have a healthy baby in future.

Thus, abortion pills are the medicine which should be used by majority of women and they will get excellent results from it. Even medical experts are recommending it and abortion pills are therefore the best medicine for ending the unwanted pregnancy in a simpler and effective way. We can say that this medicine has come as the boon in the life of women.

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Nicholas Howard, professor and writer more than 15 years. He is leading medical expert on abortion medicines like cyotec, mifepristone, buy mtp kit online.

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