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What's the meaning about pearl jewelry

Author: Star Harvest Jewelry
by Star Harvest Jewelry
Posted: Mar 30, 2015

Pearl wholesale jewelry is the temperament of the new era of women preferred while the meaning of pearl new era has been given additional ideas. Besides worn as silver wholesale jewelry, pearls, she implied meaning more abundant than other jewelry, she's not like Diamond edges stand out.

Her rounded soft represents a woman's gentle, mellow, loving, so pearl is a preferred for her jewelry. In the jewelry industry, pearl is valuable, "after the five emperors," said, is the silver wholesale jewelry of the Queen, while pearl is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, representing the significance of health and longevity and good fortune. In the West, the pearl is seen as the birthstone of June, she symbolizes health, dignity, spirit and pure. While Westerners put it as the "jewel in the Moon", and thinks she can consolidate friendships, strengthen the mind and memory.

View pearl as a part of life of the ancients and worn on the body, as the personification of luck and health. In addition, send pearl there is more meaning: pearl there since time immemorial "polished," "jewels," said one. Her inner structure as concentric circles, inside a circle, symbolizing "family reunion," "a great happiness" was intended. Therefore tend to ultimately send the bride at the wedding ceremony a round full of pearl silver wholesale jewelry, to pull it off of the meaning of marriage.?

Pearl wholesale jewelry whether matching wedding dress seems complete, elegant rhyme State. In addition, the 30th year of marriage, named pearl, known as the pearl wedding. Every nation attached great importance to marriage, arguing that marriage is a very important thing. Two couples who bred pearl shell Mussels, together, work hard to foster in the heart of the pearl, the pearl is a symbol of love.??

Therefore, important for Valentine's day, or just a wedding anniversary a pearl necklace or pearl silver wholesale jewelry collection artistic conception.

Judging from the formation, pearl is shell clam after a very long time to hone of crystals, like the mothers of their children from conception to birth to adulthood cultivation of patience, she is a great symbol of motherhood, so pearl is the best feeding mum gifts, also contained hope mother auspicious meaning healthy, full of life. Pearl is very good, it is auspicious. pearl is more than just decoration worn on the body; she is full of spiritual silver wholesale jewelry, to appreciate it, it is necessary to realize her natural beauty and meaning.

Pearl silver wholesale jewelry is beauty written by the author pearl here meaning may be just tip of the iceberg, more meaningful and perhaps only the authorities could better understand. Please remember to bottom line: give pearl campaign evergreen goodness.

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