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Member since: Dec 29, 2014
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2015 for Classic Style Jewelry Set

Have you ever got confused when selecting a fancy style jewelry set. Some says it is gold plating, or rose gold plating. While some are described as gold vermeil, but the color of them looked exactly...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 10, 2015
Daily Maintenance of Pearl Jewelry - Star Harvest Wholesale

Including pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, Pearl Jewelry belonging to the high jewellery, and treasures for generations. Star Harvest pearl jewelry wholesale means that Pearl has a luxurious elegance...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Apr 21, 2015
Elements of Gem for Silver Rings Wholesale

Christmas is just few days passed. It is a time for celebration and also a time for gratitude. Owing to our dearest God, so we got a chance to live a peaceful and happy life. In these special days...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry May 18, 2015
Good Chioce for Agate Jewelry

Agate is the more valuable of gems, agate accessories, there are many ways, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on. It has red, blue and green. From a Customs point of view Europe has favored...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Apr 07, 2015
Knowledge About Wholesale Crystal Jewelry

Amethyst is the most noble part of the beautiful crystal family, Amethyst represents purity, harmony, with calming the nerves, strengthen memory, reduce the effect of bad temper. Amethyst on behalf of...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Apr 20, 2015
Love Jewelry is the Woman's Secret

I once read a book about women love jewelry, there is something that I remember in the book: on the woman's beauty, jewelry that best reflected. On the woman's joy, jewelry is not replaced. On the...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Apr 03, 2015
Ruby Jewelry for the Wedding

From before to now, has always been red represents the noble, happiness, and beautiful, beautiful. When it comes to the red, we also don't forget the charm of ruby in jewelry industry, ruby is the...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 18, 2015
Sapphire and Diamond Tassel Beaded Graff Mystery Jewelry

GRAFF, with its delicate and exquisite jewelry and craft, ingenious design and includes prestigious selection of rare gems of her abilities. Graff hidden wrist structure of the table to break the...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Apr 08, 2015
Some Innovative Ways to Display Jewelry

I am always searching for innovative ways to display jewelry at Star Harvest shows, but my own precious pieces are piled in organized chaos on the bedroom windowsill, or find themselves under my...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Feb 03, 2015
Some Methods Make Your Silver Jewelry Shiny

Since time immemorial, jewel always carry the precious value of human sustenance, the kindness of passing each other. It works like a charm, or a lock, reveal heart desires, telling secret word. As...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Apr 06, 2015
Start to Love Flower Jewelry

Flowers gorgeous color and lively vitality that all women like very much, if there is a goddess of the woman points into jewelry of magic, so the flower is the silver wholesale jewelry endless...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 17, 2015
The Lowest Volume Confusing Silver Jewelry Wholesale

The lowest volume confusing 925 silver jewelry wholesale as part of your platinum and outfit diamond selection can be an accent. Large jewelry are enjoyable to embellish and acquire matches each of...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Jan 21, 2015
Waterfall Earring for Nicole Kidman

Addition to female celebrities on the red carpet outside the ornate costumes, and the wearing of jewelry is also very popular, at the 67th France opening on the red carpet of the Cannes International...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 24, 2015
What Jewelry Manufacturers Can Do to Welcome the Christmas?

There is no denying that Christmas is a good chance for all distributors and wholesalers, include retailers on the earth to make their lift better by selling gifts, Jewelry, definitely is one of the...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Dec 30, 2014
What's the Meaning About Pearl Jewelry

Pearl wholesale jewelry is the temperament of the new era of women preferred while the meaning of pearl new era has been given additional ideas. Besides worn as silver wholesale jewelry, pearls, she...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 30, 2015
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