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Five of the best ways to protect data in that UK companies should utilise

Author: Anthony O Hare
by Anthony O Hare
Posted: Mar 20, 2015

There will always be new trends in data security, data storage, and particularly preventing data loss. Should UK companies spend money to protect and minimise data losses. How can UK companies protect customer data and be in compliance of the Data Privacy Act? Hacking or computer viruses remain one of the fourth ways data is stolen, with hacking being the cause of data loss, 7 percent of the time. But, when is it time to call a data recovery company to perform hard drive recovery or external hard drive recovery?

Warning signs that indicate hacking have occurred include:

  • A "File cannot be found" message

  • A blank screen

  • A computer acting in a strange or peculiar way

  • A pop-up stating you have viruses, when you are not running security software checks

One of the best ways to protect data and lessen data loss is to address modern ways to save data. The speed of a backup, rapid recovery and optimising applications are all important when discussing hard drive recovery or even external hard drive recovery. Utilising cloud-based technology to back up important files are one way that companies have keep their sensitive information safe.

Another way UK businesses can protect their data is to use file sharing sync and edge protection. With Smartphones getting smarter, it makes sense for UK companies to offer a centrally managed repository to keep sensitive mobile data safe. It also allows data to be shared in a secure environment.

Protect not just the data, but the data Storage

A company’s data is important, but that storage that holds sensitive data also needs to be considered. Without having strong, defensible data storage, it is easier for hackers to steal sensitive data and raise the cost for hard drive data recovery and cause companies to call a data recovery company to recover data or hard drives. Without strong data storage, UK companies can expect a data breach.

Without having a second DP key area to protect stored data, it may make it harder to protect data. Flash develops need to improve so that Raid systems are protected from attacks that may come when a Raid system is slower, while trying to read and write data. Though there are active controllers for Raid systems, this is hardly a key feature when it comes to keeping computer data safe. Slowing down SSD and having a computer that has high protection points are two faults to avoid while working with Raid arrays. It may be possible to utilise Raid 3D and decrease the time spent at a slower Raid speed. It may be possible to have higher performance and reduce the normal wear and tear and overhead that a Raid system has on a SSD.

Are there better ways to protect a customer’s privacy and protect against identify theft? Improving upon data encryption while data is in transit may be one answer. Another way to keep data safe is to improve the technology that protects data at rest. By adding stronger IT security for these data points are ways that company heads and employees can keep company data safe. What trends have you seen in 2015 that show promise in the fight to protect data loss and customer privacy in the UK? Do you need help recovering Raid information or data off a storage device that is inaccessible? We can help. At Birmingham Data Recovery in the UK, we specialise in recovery data following various data loss scenarios. Isn't it nice to know mistakes do not always mean data cannot be recovered? We can help people and businesses recover their sensitive information at affordable prices. Visit us at: to see what solutions we can offer for your data recovery problems.

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