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The history and creation of platinum rings

Author: Shailesh Smith
by Shailesh Smith
Posted: Mar 28, 2015
platinum metal Platinum rings are the new trend in the jewelry market as they have many incredible qualities. The qualities that they have set them apart from all the other metal rings that are available in the market. Many celebrities and other people have started making use of the jewelry that is crafted from this metal. The platinum metal provides a sleek and glamorous look to the jewelry. The history of finding the platinum metal is very interesting. There are also many historical facts about how platinum disappeared and was rediscovered again and again.

The Platinum Jewellery and platinum metal is very ancient, and it is a known fact that meteorites contain it and also other metals. It is a known fact that the meteorites first hit the earth about two million years before. According to the historical facts, it is said that the Ancient Egyptians first made use of platinum. However, the platinum disappeared for a while and then it was rediscovered in the 1700s. Today the platinum metal is used to craft many jewelry objects such as the rings, necklaces, bangles, etc. It has created a fascination amongst many people as it looks very glamorous and seems to have hailed from the royalty.

In the early 1900s, the platinum was most successfully used in creating the jewelry by the famous jeweler Louis Cartier. He made jewelry for the royals and the wealthy people in the most countries of Europe and other countries. He figured out a way to make the jewelry from the platinum that looked very chic and regal. In the year 1924 an enormous deposit of platinum was found out in the country of South Africa. Today, the country is the main source of getting the metal. Many countries import the metal from South Africa. People who are in the platinum jewelry creation industry have to follow a certain procedure.

The jeweler must first ask the customer about what exactly the customer wants. The artists then sketches the pictures of the jewelry that is then given an approval. There are many Platinum Rings in Delhi jewelry shops where you can go and tell about your requirement to the jeweler. There are many customers who go a shop and ask for different types of styles to be fused into one. There are many possibilities through which endless designs can be created. The designers employed by the jewelry store, then start to design the piece that is approved by the customer. At first the designing was done by hand, but now with the advancement in the technology it is done by CAD.all the specifications of the jewelry such as the depth of the galley, the height, the prong size, finger size, millimeter and width of the shank, etc are used to build up a 3D design by making use of the software.

This technology helps in showing the customer how exactly the piece of jewelry will look like after it is created. The computer file of the design is then sent to a carving machine that builds the ring, layer by layer in wax until and unless the piece is fully completed. The wax that is generated is then used to create a negative mold which in turn is used to cast the metal that is chosen by the customer. After the piece is ready, then the diamonds and other stones are set in the ring. After this, the piece is polished and is ready for the customer. You can find many Platinum Rings India shops where you will find a variety of rings that you can purchase at a reasonable price.
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