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Used Wheelchair Accessible Minivans: Some Safety Tips

Author: Aldo Moore
by Aldo Moore
Posted: Mar 30, 2015

An accessible van asks for a great investment. Buying one still remains beyond the reach of an average person. However, things have changed a lot for the better. You can get an excellent-quality second-hand van at half the price of its brand new version at present. But, staying safe on the road even with the latest technology installed in your van asks for a few precautions. Given below is an overview of the most important among them but if you want to skip reading and go straight to used vans inventory click here.

Used wheelchair accessible minivans: Staying Safe

Do the following to make sure that you stay safe on the road in your accessible minivan?

1. Hire a driver

The advice applies to those who enjoy parties at times. If you plan to drive the vehicle, do not consume alcohol when going for a trip. If you cannot resist the temptation when attending a New Year party or in similar such celebrations, appoint a driver. This will help you stay safe from accidents to a great extent. Keep in mind that drunk driving is a crime. You may have to spend some time in jail if found out. The negative impact will affect your credibility. Insurance companies will treat you as a high-risk customer.

2. Stay alert

Stay awake and be mindful of those around you. Don’t allow anyone to drive your van when drunk. You should also keep a distance from those who are intoxicated and may cause harm either to you or your van. As it is said, prevention is always better than cure.

3. Don’t leave your safety net

A celebration like the New Year’s Eve is a time for crazy partying. You and your friends may get drunk; this happens naturally. But, make sure that you stay within a group. Even if you hire a driver, sticking to this network of safety will help you eliminate unwanted troubles.

4. Prefer functionality to fashion

The advice applies specifically to winter. Dress in layers. This will help you maintain the heat in your body. You can even take out the layers when you start sweating. Try to refrain from wearing cotton. Once wet, the moisture will stay on the dress making it difficult for you to sit comfortably.

5. Avoid peak travelling days

The desire to enjoy vacation is quite natural. But, if you wish to stay safe on the road in an accessible minivan, you will avoid peak travelling days or hours. Do a research on the Internet on the location where you plan to spend your weekend or vacation. Understand high seasons and try to avoid them.

6. Plan your routes in advance

When visiting stores or malls, plan your trips in advance. It will help you avoid crowded days. You may be a vigilant driver. But, getting into traffic in a wheelchair van is generally discouraged. When going for long trip, sleep and eat well.

Taking breaks at regular intervals too will assist you in your efforts to stay alert all through the journey. Get out from your van and walk for a few minutes.

Look after used wheelchair accessible minivans. You will get maximum return on your investment.

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