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Instalments for your wheelchair accessible minivan

Author: Todd Dawson
by Todd Dawson
Posted: Mar 30, 2015

Being disabled yourself or having a family member who has mobility restraints because of some disability, injury or illness, you must feel the need for a wheelchair accessible minivan. Driving yourself with a disability or driving someone else around can be a problem when you have no form of assistance, human or mechanical.

So, when you are about to buy a wheelchair accessible minivan, based on your needs make sure the following installations are there for your vehicle. You will most definitely not need all of them, but these are the various devices that can make mobility simple for you and your loved ones.

Lifts for wheelchairs

Like any other lift, the wheelchair lift in an accessible minivan ideally raises and lowers the person in the wheelchair so that they may enter and leave the vehicle with ease. Good quality lifts are manufactured by companies that specialized in mobility devices. There are a range of lifts to suit the lifestyle preferences of the user.

  • Wheelchair lifts may be attached to the minivan by a single post. The single post takes up less space and can be folded when not being used. It allows more space for other people to enter the vehicle as well and are suited for the side entrance of the van.
  • For heavy and bulky wheelchairs, there are platform lifts held up by double posts. The two posts are hydraulically powered and are preferred for its strength and stability. These lifts should be installed at the back entrance of the vehicle as it takes up a lot of space.

Special hand controls

Even though you may suffer from disabilities, you might still feel the need to be independent and do things for yourself. Driving your own wheelchair accessible minivan might just be one of those things. Thanks to all the recent developments in mobility devices, companies program specialized hand controls for vehicles driven by disabled people.

  • Manufacturers adapt the braking system in the vehicle to respond to push and pull mechanics.
  • Manual driving systems are replaced by electronic versions.
  • Pedals in the vehicle are extended for convenience
  • Brake pedals are fitted with a guard for safety
  • Spinner knobs are attached to the steering wheel for easy navigation but the driver has to pass a special steering test before it can be legally used.

Turning seats for your seating solution

For those who prefer not to sit in their wheelchair while driving or travelling in their wheelchair accessible minivan can opt for transfer or turning seats to be installed in their vehicles. The seats turn in such a way that it allows the user to transfer on to it without any difficulty and makes for more comfortable seating than a wheelchair.

While it is possible to buy a new vehicle that comes prepared with the additional attachments you need, used wheelchair accessible minivans also comes with its own equipment. You can also buy a used van and have it modified to your purpose.

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