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A guide to choosing funeral services

Author: Todd Dawson
by Todd Dawson
Posted: Apr 14, 2015

Coping up with death is the most emotionally and mentally challenging moment of life, especially, when the departed soul is a relative or friend? Funeral is a process that society has devised for people to accept the sad truth and helps to move on with life by paying last respect to the person who is no more. Funeral services provide all the supporting means to carry out this process through the religious and social norms.


Funeral homes are business enterprises that undertake the activities required for a proper funeral. They help the family of the deceased in carrying out the burial in the cemetery of their choice, arrange for the transport and provide support in legal matters like obtaining the certificate of death etc. They also carry out any special service as per the wish of the deceased person or the family. The funeral homes may also arrange a wake or any such gathering of mourning. Since the bereaved family may find all these tasks difficult to undertake, it is best to hire a funeral service and leave every minute detail up to them.

Services provider choice

Detailed packages provided or the detailed list of all the cost of the items to be shopped and their comparison makes an individual to choose one service over the other. Before zeroing down on a particular service provider one should check their cost policy and legalized packages. There are many locally owned and government based funeral service provider, a thorough research is needed for choosing the best one available in the market. Service provider should be able to keep up with all one’s personal needs. They should be able to provide all the legal help like death certificates etc.

Types of services

A family can choose to have private service or memorial service in honor of the dead.

  • Private Services are arranged when the family wants to keep the matters within themselves and only a few very close guests are invited.
  • Memorial Services are a more social gathering with large number of people, prayers, songs and speeches of remembrance.

Different services

Choosing funeral services counsellor depends on the factors like; how the funeral must be and if the provider will be able to assist them. Some of the assistances are:

  • Traditional services: where the counsellor or provider looks into the matters like where the body must be placed for visitation, the availability of coffins and flowers and clergyman for prayer service. The legal papers like dead certificates are obtained by him or her.
  • Graveside services: funerals which are held near to the place of burial are called graveside services. The main work of the service provider is to look into a planned and in harmony visitations of the people who comes to pay their last respects to the dead.
  • Immediate burial: this is the easiest work of all as it involves in immediate burial of the body. No visitations or services take place.

All funeral services from above are available at Oceanside Mission Cemetery. Visit official cemetery website and arrange a consultancy.

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