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Themba Tours offers an incredible journey through Kruger National Park

Author: Peterh Oliver
by Peterh Oliver
Posted: Oct 06, 2013

Located in the heartland of South Africa, Kruger National Park is one of the world's largest game reserves and a truly incredible experience for every family that comes to visit. In fact, the seemingly-endless plains allow for journeys of incredible length, and nowhere is this easier than with Kruger Park Tours offered by Themba Safaris.

However, every set of visitors has a different idea about which type of tour would be best for their family. If you'd prefer to avoid the larger animals and focus on the trees, for example, that can be arranged... Or your child can get as close as safety permits to some of Africa's most fascinating creatures! For your convenience, tours have been broken down in two separate ways in order to allow you to choose the best fit for your safari experience.

The first split is the length of the tours; running from three to five days, each additional day brings with it a number of new and fascinating experiences. The three day tours are perfect for families that are on budgets, while five days in Kruger National Park are an experience that you're never going to forget. Now that you know the basics of tours, though, let's take a look at the different experiences you could have in the same time-frame.

The 3-Day Classic Kruger is perhaps the best choice for any family looking to get the most affordable trip, and features a professional guide who can answer just about any question a child might have about the area. You'll discover things you never knew about the wildlife of Africa while taking photographs and making the best of everything. Other 3-Day tours include trips to prime wildlife-viewing areas and stays in some of the area's most creative and comfortable hotels.

At a step up from the basic tours, the 4-day packages allow for Kruger Park Safaris that really allow you to take the time to rest and relax. Most things about Africa are very large, and things aren't going anywhere if you take a few minutes to enjoy yourself, so each of the 4-day tours offers the opportunity to enjoy the same adventures and sights as the 3-day tours at a more relaxed pace.

The longest tours currently offered by Themba are the 5-day selections for safaris. Even more relaxed than the 4-day tours, you'll be able to spend an even longer amount of time viewing each area and creating the memories to bring back with you. 5-day tours are also ideal for photographers and other professionals, since the added time means that you'll have no issues with waiting to take the perfect shots. Some things are very difficult to describe until you've experienced them for yourself, but a picture-perfect snapshot can certainly help.

Themba Tours is proud to support safe travel to and from Kruger National Park, and all visitors considering a tour are highly encouraged to read the travel advice included on Themba's website. This will help to avoid problems with travel and ensure an easy, exciting safari for the whole family in one of Africa's most incredible areas.

Kruger Park Safaris and Kruger Park Tours are an experience in South Africa that visitors won't soon forget.

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