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Wheelchair accessible vehicles-A fresh breath of hope

Author: Todd Dawson
by Todd Dawson
Posted: Apr 16, 2015

No person wants to be confined in one place. Everyone has the right to travel and WAVs provide that path to the people with disability.

What is meant by WAVs?

WAVs are the most convenient way to travel for the handicap people. Many vehicles in the market are modified which allows an easy access to the people into the vehicles who are bound to the wheelchairs. Mobility scooters help people to ditch their wheelchairs and move around the places in these modified scooters. The general modifications are: hand control panels, ramps or lifts are added to the vehicles, lowering of the floors, sliding doors etc. There are rear entry and side entry modified vehicles.

Types of entry

Foldable ramps or lifts are added by lowering the floor for assisting the wheelchairs into the vehicle. It can be either chauffeur driven or self-driven. In self-driven vehicles, hand assisted controls are added. The entry into the vehicle can be either from the sides or the rear end of the car.

Rear entry: in this type, an automated foldable ramp is attached to the vehicle by lowering the floor. Detachable ramps are also available in the markets which do not need lowered floors. The ramp is added to the backside of the vehicle and the entry and exit of the wheelchair is through the back. In this type, the handicap person is driven around and more than one wheelchair can be adjusted in the back due to the availability of space. The seats are foldable and can be re-adjusted after the wheelchair is put into position. This is ideal for the vehicles with rear hatch. They provide good leg and storage space.

Side entry: it can be through the passenger’s or the driver’s seat doors. The seats are completely removed for the fitment of wheelchair. The floor of the car is lowered from the sideways and the foldable or detachable ramp is added to them. The entry space needs to be widened and that’s why the normal doors are modified into sliding doors or hatch type doors. This type of entry allows the person to seat on the driver’s seat. A limitation of this side entry is that one has to compromise with the storage space.

Benefits of WAVs

Every individual wants an easy freedom in movement. Though it is little difficult for the people with disability, with the coming of WAVs it is not impossible. WAVs are beneficial in various ways:

  • It gives the person a sense of freedom
  • He or she can move around without any helping hand
  • One can live his or her dream of driving around
  • Confidence booster
  • Sense of normalcy
  • Regaining self-respect

Uses of WAVs

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are on a high demand today due to their easy approach and comfort. There are a number of uses of these vehicles. These are:

  • Easy indoor movements.
  • Outdoor activities like shopping in departmental stores.
  • For visiting doctors or running errands.
  • For attending religious services and visits to friends.
  • For long comfortable travels.

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