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A new way of promoting your work with a flip book maker

Author: Sarah Coolen
by Sarah Coolen
Posted: Apr 22, 2015

Having to promote a product, a service or a company back in the old days was rather time and money consuming. Brochures and product presentations had to be printed and distributed to potential buyers in order to develop a successful business. While some companies or private manufacturers still prefer the traditional method, there are others that have already moved down to the virtual world, trying to make flip book. And for all the good reasons. Despite the certainty that reality implies, publicity in virtual space will always attract more potential buyers as accessibility to information is easier.

Going through a flipbook is like going through a book, but with the help of mouse clicking. The interface of a flip book maker is rather simple and you can choose the way you want to operate on the presentation in order to have the clearest image of it. Going from one page to another simply requires the reader to click on one corner of the last page and it will flip automatically. Some flipbooks even have included a sound that is similar to an actual flipping of a page, in order to add a more realistic touch to the whole idea of a flash book. Moreover, in order to analyze the presentation in detail, you can also zoom in by simply double clicking on the page. Likewise, if these controls don’t suit your browsing style, those who make flip book presentations also give you the opportunity of using a drop-down menu instead.

Art and culture are extremely promoted these days by the help of flipbooks. The traditional printed portfolios that usually covered the desks of employers in huge piles of paper have moved to the virtual world. Physical space has been liberated, as trees have been saved from cutting down in order to manufacture the paper on which portfolios are printed. It might sound exaggerated, but one thing is certain: flip book makers ensure rapid distribution of presentations and provide an efficient reading. Portfolios represent an important part in an architect’s attempt to get hired. The way his works are set in page represents his business card. If you make flip book presentation in this sense, some may love it, some may not, but at least you will provide a clear version of the way you work.

Designers often use a flip book maker in order to promote their art works. However, preparations take place long before putting information and works in a flip book format. First of all, when realizing a presentation, aesthetics must become a priority. The content should be comfortable to read and the template style used should be included into the publication design and not be perceived as an isolated element. Moreover, when designers make flip book presentations of their art works, they usually coordinate the chromatic aspect of the content. They generally use few colors that they alternate depending on what they what to put an emphasize on, without turning a professional presentation into a complete rainbow. Sometimes, white can be more than enough, at least as a background color.

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