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If You Read One Article About Laptop Maintenance Read this One

Author: Tiffany Morris
by Tiffany Morris
Posted: May 04, 2015
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There is more to taking care of a laptop than tucking it away safely in a case at night by your bedside. With all its small components, take proper care of a laptop is necessary to prolong the life of the laptop and more importantly, prevent it from crashing mid-sentence of an important client email (phew!).

  • Dust – ultimate laptop nemesis

Every superhero has an enemy which doesn’t kill it but often renders it useless at situations; dust is to laptop, what the Joker is to the Batman. The easiest way to avoid dust collection is to keep your laptop cynically tucked away in a case at all times, of course that goes against the whole point of a laptop. With dust, moisture or the more stubborn grease, settling in each of the laptop crevices, clogging fans and also overheating PC components over a prolonged interval of time, the best bet is to operate a laptop in a fairly dust proof environment. Using a keyboard jacket will reduce the impact of dust on the laptop as keyboard is one of the main entry points of foreign pollutants. To ultimately clean the laptop, use a professional helping hand from your nearest laptop service center.

  • Handle the heat!

After protection from the above pointer, excessive heat is the sidekick of the aforementioned nemesis, dust. Laptops typically are designed to handle rational amount of heat as they are made with low thermal endurance. There the rule of thumb is, if you can’t keep the laptop on your thighs due to its scorching temperature, it is time to switch it off till it cools down.

  • Sockets and openings

The most vulnerable area of laptop is also the most used, that’s right, the USB port, HDMI port and the audio jack. In the initial design, a laptop is conveniently shaped to take a fixed amount of space; attaching wired accessories compromises the usability as a protruding pen drive at a difficult angle could put pressure on the socket and in turn causing damage to the circuit board. Moreover, when attending to computer peripherals like the printer, at times when you are cartridge refilling or toner refilling, make sure no components are pulled or jerked.

  • No Smoking

Smoking is injurious to your health as well as to your laptop. The hazardous carcinogenic fumes of a cigarette don’t just give you respiratory disorders but also overtime settle on the laptop hindering its performance. Smoking around a laptop is as equally bad as sitting amidst a cloud of dust.

Just quit already!

  • Backup data

Backing up data is the safest, most precautionary method to protect loss of data in case a virus or malicious malware.

Using DVDs, CDs, or portable hard disk drives are the some of the options to backup data. A foolproof method to back up in recent time is the use of cloud computing and using an online cloud based services to backup data.

These are some of the techniques to ensure a longer lifespan for your trusted companion and the adorably helpful – the laptop.

About the Author

This is article is written by Tiffany Morris who offers Hp laptop repair, including toner refilling in Mumbai.

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