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Bowel Cancer – Tips towards Proper Healing and Prevention

Author: Rahul Kumar
by Rahul Kumar
Posted: May 07, 2015
bowel cancer

Bowel cancer generally a cancer type occurring in the bowel area and it affects though lymphatic system. The bowel is a part of our digestive system and through lymph nodes cancer affects this known as bowel cancer.

General symptoms and causes

There are many symptoms which may lead to bowl cancer however it's not genuine to say that those are always for cancer. But it's good and important to know the symptoms. At times bleeding is observer in the rectum area and is visible in stool. Also diarrhea and loose stool up to 6 weeks and more can be other symptoms. In some cases we observe anemia, lower blood cell count, pain in back passage and abdomen area. You might feel and lump in your abdomen or in back passage area as well. During bowel obstruction you might see some unfamiliar symptoms like serious griping pain in the abdomen area, a bloated feeling, constipation or being sick.

There are several factors to cause bowel cancer for example family history and your age. Chances are better to get affected if you are above 60. Also you may get this inherited with FAP and HNPCC. Also your food habit determines how soon you can fall sick due to this. High calorie food which are risk prone and generates cholesterol can lead towards bowel cancer symptoms. Research says that growth of polyp and colitis can lead to bowel cancer.

Treatment, cure and prevention

It's said that food which is rich in fibre can actually prevent bowel cancer. Here we are talking about dietary fibre and whole grain foods. Along with that fruits, vegetable, meat, fish, calcium enriched food help to prevent. It's believed that regular exercise will also reduce the risk and people should avoid smoking and too much of alcohol consumption.

There are many treatment options available to treat and cure of bowel cancer. This includes chemotherapy, radio therapy and surgery. This decision depends on few factors like the age of the patient, medical condition, stage or cancer and overall health. Generally after diagnosis when treatment is supposed to be started, there would be a specialist cancer treatment team to take care of entire treatment plan. Some people feel that seeking a second opinion is always great to go for the right treatment which is not wrong. Here most of the patients undergone through surgery have recovered well as per stats. And it's always recommended that you go through follow up check up post treatment to decrease the risk of comeback of bowel cancer.

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