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Author: Harry Miller
by Harry Miller
Posted: Jun 03, 2015

When the storage techniques started changing, little did we know that it would be revolutionized by something as simple as a card. More specifically, a usb flash drive in the shape of a card. The shapes of USB drives have evolved and this card USB is one of the many innovative ways of carrying USB drives without being too old fashioned. The best part is you can use a card shaped USB as your business card, or keep it in your wallet, making it easy to carry anywhere.

By making the cards personalized, a USB credit card flash drive is an ideal gift for the customers who like to keep information handy. These are generally wallet sized cards, making it easier for you to keep it with other cards, and carry in pockets, purses, or wallets. This is a great way to carry your information, pictures, data, video files, and other transferable items without having the hassle of using a traditional USB.

The cards can be used as business cards by companies as well. With a sufficient surface area you can get customized graphics printed, bearing the name of your company, the logo, and relevant contact details, so that when someone has to look up for you, they don’t have to scout for paper cards. This will be more useful than a piece of paper, or a regular business card, which can get misplaced, or may not be kept handy at all times.

There are wide array of designs and materials that you can choose for your card including plastic and metal. It is also available in variable functions and memory sizes ranging from a few 4GB to 32GB. No matter what the capacity of the card, it offers high quality personalization, ensuring to give you a high quality option at important events like conventions and conferences.

They are the most innovative kind of gifts that you can give as promotional items and can be the perfect way to keep your clients aware of your presence. You can hand it to them in kits to promote anything important for the business. Other than this, you can also pre-load data or brochures regarding new products or the event that you are organizing in the USB drive so that the ones attending it have a copy, and can view it later.

Having a drive that looks like credit card makes it one of a kind and you will find people intrigued at the very gesture. They are thin, light, and can fit easily with your other cards making it easy to carry. Besides being easy to use, one can easily rewrite information in them. The flash drives implement the USB mass storage device class, so that it is convenient for the modern and updated operating systems to read and write them without installing any device drivers.

Sometimes, you may even have waterproof cards, but it is always better to check with the manufacturers, so that you know it is authentic. Keeping yourself upgraded at all times has become easier with the help of USB credit card flash drive.

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