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Rhinoplasty- Important Things to Consider Before You Go Into Surgery

Author: Alan Shifrin
by Alan Shifrin
Posted: Jun 08, 2015

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure which is intended to change a visual appearance of the nose, its internal structures or improve its breathing functions. Every individual who is considering a rhinoplasty surgery needs to learn more about the procedure itself, currently available techniques to perform it, possible after surgery complications and risks associated with this surgery.

No matter if you are looking to improve the looks of your nose, to correct the consequences of a trauma or accident, or you are hoping rhinoplasty will provide a sleep apnea cure for you due to breathing difficulties, it is important for you to learn all the facts before you commit to rhinoplasty in Chicago itself.

1. Having realistic expectations about your nose job surgical procedure is important for reaching your ideal nose proportions. Your surgeon will not be able to alter your nose to match the nose of your favorite movie star since he is limited by your nose's own anatomical structure. Use your surgeon's expertise and knowledge of the modern rhinoplasty techniques to make suggestions what could be realistic in your particular situation.

2. There are two major techniques of performing rhinoplasty in Chicago, namely, open and closed rhinoplasty. In open nose job procedure, the initial incision is placed on the outside fully revealing the internal structures of the nose. In closed rhinoplasty technique, the cut is made on the inside of the nostrils requiring surgeon's refined surgical skills.

Closed rhinoplasty recovery period takes much less time and is associated with considerably fewer after surgery complications, however, this technique sometimes can not address all nose surgery needs that might require a full access for a surgeon to reconstruct seriously deformed or injured nasal structures.

  1. Choose your surgeon carefully by searching online for a well-trusted plastic surgery practice, read plastic surgery reviews and meet them in person to gain confidence in a particular doctor. Make sure you discuss all your nose job surgery concerns beforehand and ask the doctor to show your what your nose is going to look like post surgery using a computer imaging software to gain understanding whether his idea of your ideal nose matches yours.
  2. Consider the costs of rhinoplasty in Chicago since most plastic surgery procedures are not covered by health insurance and you might have to pay for the surgery yourself. The average nose job cost combines 3 types of fees, namely, surgeon's fee, facility fee and anesthesiologist fee. If your nose job is necessary for you to be able to breathe better or correct a post-traumatic deformity, the costs might be partially or fully covered by your insurance company.
  3. Rhinoplasty recovery is a very lengthy process which can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the set of procedures performed by your surgeon. Rhinoplasty swelling can be present in various individuals for a period of a couple of weeks and lasting as long as a full year.
  4. Rhinoplasty revision surgery might be necessary to correct unsatisfactory nose job results. The secondary rhinoplasty procedures are considered more complex and might require a cosmetic surgery specialist whose area of expertise is specifically nose job revisions.
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