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Truffle salt – Adds a distinctive taste to good food

Author: Juanita Olive
by Juanita Olive
Posted: Jun 25, 2015

One of the most important ingredients in any cuisine is undoubtedly salt. Without putting salt, almost no dish can attain the parameter of taste. While there are various types of salt that can be used, each unique on its own, let us here discuss two of such salts of which one is truffle salt. This genre of salt is known as the ‘finishing salt’ in the world of culinary and is usually used for seasoning meat, pasta or egg dishes. There is another kind of salt known as French salt that is used to give some exotic flavor to the food.

It is the origin of these salts that makes them so unique. And since seasoning is one of the most important aspects regarding preparing any dish, it is important to use the best ingredients to make a dish a culinary delight. If we talk about origin first and then the benefits then truffle salt for your information comes from Italy. It is enhanced with black truffles whereas the salt is the natural sea salt. The French salt, on the other hand, originates from Guérande in France and is a hand harvested by the salt workers during the high tides when the sea water flows into the marshes.

Now coming to the benefits of using both of these salts, let us start with truffle salt. This type of salt is primarily used as a seasoning since it is aromatic. It gives an earthy flavor to the dish and adds to the richness of the taste. The exotic mustiness and mysteriousness beautifully complements the aroma and the taste, making this salt one of the preferred salts in the world of culinary. French salt is equally popular and adds to the epicurean delight because of the mild flavor that it adds to dishes like soups, meat, sauces, pasta, chowders etc.

French salt is known for the subtlety of flavor. It works as a salty agent giving the other ingredients enough scope to fuse and mix with it to form a heavenly taste and, this is the main reason why chefs from all over the world are so fond of it. There are several health benefits associated with these salts. French salt, made using the 2000-year old traditional method used by the people from Celtic region, has 82 trace minerals and important macronutrients. Truffle salt has 18% sodium and zero carbohydrate and fat and thus, adds no harmful fat to the body while helping to maintain sodium level in the body.

It is the blending of black truffle and sea salt that makes truffle salt so exotic. And so far as French salt is concerned, it gets its grey color because of being crystallized on clay. Buying both of these salts and a variety of other salts is easy today if you like experimenting with flavors and ingredients. Various companies have retail as well as online purchasing facility that give you the option of buying such exotic varieties of salts from any part of the world. They come in discounted rates and are quality products. So, buy today and give your dishes a new edge.

To add a mild yet rich taste to the food, you can try French salt ( ). Truffle salt ( ) adds a rich and earthy flavor to your dishes.

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