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Truffle salt to give your cooking an added flavor

Author: Juanita Olive
by Juanita Olive
Posted: Jun 25, 2015

No recipe is complete without salt. It is one of the basic ingredients used for cooking. But, salt that is used by most households is the table salt which is produced in factories, devoid of all natural benefits. Sea salt is believed to possess the benefits of natural salt. Of the many varieties of natural salts, French salt is one of the most common. One variant of sea salt is flavored black truffle salt which is used widely for red meat, eggs and pasta dishes. It will be wise if you replace regular table salt with sea salt that offers genuine health advantages for all.

French salt or Celtic sea salt is produced in the regions near the Celtic Sea in France. It is processed naturally using thousands of years old traditional methods of salt harvesting. No machines are used in the process and you get the natural benefits of sea salt as it undergoes several stages of drying and periodic raking by professional salt farmers. The salt pits are lined with clay and sand in order to harmonize the beneficial elements. Thus, when you use this variety of natural salt your food is enriched with healing and healthy qualities. If you have a discerning palate, you can use truffle salt for a balanced earthy flavor.

Procuring natural sea salt is now no longer difficult as you can order online for your domestic or commercial use. Your order will be delivered to your address free of shipping charges generally within the same working day or within a very short time. Using sea salt while bathing is believed to soften your skin and rejuvenate tired muscles and body. Truffle salt is natural sea salt enriched with particles of black truffle. It is white like regular salt with particles of truffle present in it. French salt, on the other hand, has a light grey color and tastes like normal salt.

Your everyday common dishes get an extra edge or zing with the unique aroma of black truffle when you use truffle salt as a finishing agent. It can be added to butter to make delicious flavored popcorn. Bland dishes like potato become exotic when truffle procured from Italy is added to the dish. You can use it as a seasoning for salad and earn praises from your friends at your next party. Truffle is a great companion for meat and eggs. You can use French salt as a flavoring agent that is known for its health benefits. Soups, shell fish, brine solution for meats are some items where it can be used.

All these natural salts, both regular and flavored ones, are available in a variety of packs for your convenience. You can buy them in shakers for everyday table use. You can also buy the coarser type for using in a grinder for your kitchen. French salt sold by reputed companies is authentic and carries identification stamps about its genuineness. Truffle salt, being a natural but flavored salt, makes your favorite dishes even more tasty and fragrant. So, enjoy your cooking with these healthy and naturally safe salts and earn appreciation from all corners.

Enjoy your daily eggs with black truffle salt ( ). Once you buy original French salt ( ) it will stay pure for years.

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Author: Juanita Olive

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