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Old Age Homes In Hyderabad

Author: Shruthi Choudary
by Shruthi Choudary
Posted: Jun 30, 2015

Old-age home is a ‘welcomed concept’ in India!

Gone are the days when discussing a topic of old age home wasn’t quite pleasant. People had preconceived negative notions about it. Everybody wanted to avoid the topic. However, the things are certainly changing and today people look at it with an open mindset.

Interestingly, statistics prove that in India, more people opt for it voluntarily and not forcefully. There are so many big and luxurious old age homes in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore, where people live for their convenience and peace of life. They are well-to-do and not dependent on their children. Hence, to maintain a quality lifestyle they prefer old age homes. Good quality Old age homes in Hyderabad are equipped with modern amenities, and they are not less than a star-rated hotel or resort. Undoubtedly, they are costly, but the quality of living they offer justifies the money.

It is a convenient reality

The lifestyle of big cities is extremely strenuous and busy. People need to leave their homes early, travel long distances and work late hours quite often. Extensive workload and fierce competition don’t leave energy and enthusiasm of having an additional stress of household chores. In this situation, parents who are self-dependent financially and physically choose the easy and convenient option of staying in a well-managed old age home. Modern Old age homes in Hyderabad offer everything that elderly people need; excellent living conditions, medical care, entertainment and recreation, health and fitness, and positive environment. A great bonding gets formed among senior citizens and they don’t feel the lacuna of not staying with their family. Since the decision of staying in a well-furnished old age home is a voluntary decision and not a forced one, they enjoy every moment of the stay. Staff also takes a good care of the elderly people to make the stay comfortable. Why is there such an overwhelming response?

Well, there are in fact multiple reasons making old age homes a preferred choice today.

  • Importance to the "Personal Space": due to the change in lifestyle, Indian families give much importance to it than earlier. As parents grow old, the family gets expand. There are grandsons and granddaughters also. Everyone needs privacy and personal space. Due to lack of physical space in metros, it is not affordable to have huge homes or apartments. Hence, old age home is a good choice.• Rise in the affordability: Today, we have the generation of elderly people who have done exceptionally well in their professional life and career. They have earned good money and now enjoying the retired life. In such scenario, it isn’t a big deal for them to spend for luxurious Old age homes in Hyderabad.• Convenience: Sudden relocation, deputations or leisure tour compels people to keep the elderly members at a place that is safe, self-contained and convenient. There is nothing more appropriate than luxurious old age homes in such situation.

Due to the facts mentioned above, Old age homes in Hyderabad are a necessity today!

About the Author

Shruthi is the author of this article. She lives in Hyderabad.

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Author: Shruthi Choudary

Shruthi Choudary


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