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Programming classes and the advantages

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Jul 06, 2015

Did you know that with the rise of the computer age, many things have changed and there are also a lot of jobs that have been mechanised and eliminated. In this day and age, there is a strong push for productivity instead of getting more headcount because employing one more may cost you way more in the long term then to invest in a machine that is programmed to work in a certain way to clear out the mundane work that may cost the companies that are running businesses to pay more for the same output.

Programming is one of the key blocks to getting work done by these machines. Machines are able to do work non-stop, 24 hours daily and for 7 days without rest, and for ten machines to work at the same time you will probably only need one person to supervise all the work instead of having 10 persons working on the same 10 work.

There are also other advantages to working with programmed machines, there are many sequences that can be done and with the logic of programming, many other methods of solving something can be found and be implemented.

There has been a strong push for learning how to programme and to have programming classes for the young so that they can learn how to do programming from a young age and be able to do great things with the knowledge they have. Programming not only limits to machines, you could build a website to transmit money or products. Something that could help you with data analysis and finding patterns. A system can link up images and analyse them and find traces of a certain person before policemen even looked at all this.

Programming classes and tuition in Singapore is starting to pick up because of the push by the government to pursue this courses. Programming has made its way into the Singapore curriculum and not long later this will become an examinable course that will put Singapore on the forth front of education and learning.

Programming also opens up the use of the logical brain which will help in math and science courses for the developing child since problems are solved in logical thinking steps and there are also step by step methods to make learning more enjoyable and more fun to get engaged in learn how to programme.

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