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Undergoing Rhinoplasty? Know about the procedure first

Author: Alan Shifrin
by Alan Shifrin
Posted: Jul 07, 2015
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People with crooked nose often desire to achieve a perfectly shaped nose. The nose being a central part of the face attracts the eyes foremost. And, if the nose is crooked, it will grab the eyes of another person in no time. A person with a visible deformity in the nose loses confidence sometimes, if continuously nagged by other people. It might also result in a low self-esteem of a person in most of the cases. So, what could be done to correct the shape of the nose? For people who feel embarrassed because of deformity in the nose, they can undergo a cosmetic surgery to correct the shape of the nose. The cosmetic procedure to reshape the nose is known as Rhinoplasty. Talking about the Nose Job in Chicago, the cosmetic procedures are quite popular here. The advantage to people living in Chicago is that cosmetic procedures are done at very cheap prices here. Both men and women are going crazy for one or the other cosmetic surgery at this place.

It is very important to know about the surgery before actually undergoing it. One of the most popular procedures is the Nose job here in Chicago. People might love to undergo it to reshape their noses, but let us first read in the following lines about the Rhinoplasty procedure and some important things that one must know about it before undergoing this procedure.

Rhinoplasty is a long process that can actually continue for at least three hours. It depends on what is to be done to the nose. Mainly, people undergo surgery for two purposes- Enlarging and reducing the nose. Here are two different types of surgeries for both the purposes.

  1. Augmentation Rhinoplasty: For people who have a small nose and wish to increase its size, they need to undergo this surgery. In this procedure, surgeons will make a cut inside or between the nostrils and reshape the size of the bone and cartilage. As the nose is small, you may need to add that little bone inside to provide a rise in the nose. Now, one might wonder that from where these extra bones and cartilage are taken? The surgeons are not going to take it from anywhere, but you. Cartilage from ears and bones from the back of your elbow or hip bone. After adding that extra bone, the cuts will be stitched and removed after some days.
  2. Reduction Rhinoplasty: The surgery is meant to reduce the size of the nose. To start with, the surgeons will put a cut inside the nostrils and reach the bone. They will either remove some of the bone and cartilage or reshape both of them to change the shape of a nose in a desired manner.

So, people who wish to undergo this surgery must know how and what all is done in this procedure. After all, little knowledge causes no harm.

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