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Dr. Linda Salvin: Psychic, Faith Healer Superstar

Author: Linda Salvin
by Linda Salvin
Posted: Jul 17, 2015

Rational explanations of the sciences and faith in the unexplainable claims about the “super natural” are as old as human history. They have coevolved and produced the corresponding rational and ritual technologies since the days of the earliest scientists, shamans and priests. In times of personal and social crisis when some people get bewildered and/or lose faith in their customary support systems of near ones, doctors, friends and advisors, then they go for the astrologer, the faith healer, the soothsayer. Dr. Linda Salvin the American faith healer superstar of the Visions and Solutions and Psychic and Astrology Network shows fame, claims to be all of these rolled into one, plus some more. She also “helps” living persons to “communicate” with the dead.

Early Life

Reportedly born in Los Angeles, California, on the 12th of January 1954, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Health Education from the San Francisco State University in 1975, Master Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan in 1977, a Doctor of Divinity from an unreported institution in 1999 and, a Ph. D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, located in a High School in Birmingham, Alabama, all in the USA.


She claims to have been transformed into a psychic healer through a series of incidents over a period of years: an airplane crash in 1981, hit by a fire truck in 1984, surgeries in 1991 and 1996. She started her commercial private practice and public broadcasts and telecasts related to astrology, faith healing, counselling for de-addiction from alcohol, drugs, gambling and to help overcome depression from around 1994. During the next two decades she gradually became a superstar faith healer.

Private and Public Services offered

v Oral: over the phone and through radio broadcasts

v Graphic: through emails

v Audio-Visual: through Skype and TV shows

v Mail order: astrological charts and candles related to all possible personal problems

Human problems, their possible solutions and / or unsolvability in a single life-time are very much unpredictable. Most people become worried and get depressed when they face them. This situation creates the labour market for the shaman, the soothsayer, the astrologer and the faith healer. Controlled experiments about the end results of their services are still scanty and remain inconclusive. However, two things may be said with relative certainty:

  • If one is a good communicator and feel-good confidence provider then one may try one’s luck in these professions, in times of economic and social crises.
  • Anthropological investigations on these professionals are as important today as they were in the yester years.

Take a leap of Faith with Dr. Linda Salvin

  • Faith can move mountains”, faith gives you peace of mind. In a commercial, competitive and frustrating world people are looking for a space to express their inner intimate feelings, emotions and, problems. Dr.
Linda Salvin provides such space where one can express one’s inmost emotions and problems and, get possible solutions to restore faith back into their lives.

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About the Author

This Article is written by Dr. Linda Salvin. She is famous radio psychic in Los Angeles, CA.

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