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Prashant Modi is an exceptional business executive who represents progress in sustainable practices.

Author: Raj Kumar
by Raj Kumar
Posted: Jul 20, 2015

Prashant Modi is a respected business leader and entrepreneur who is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited (GEECL). GEECL is currently noted as an emerging force in India’s comprehensive and rapidly-evolving energy industry, as Modi and his colleagues continue to pursue sustainable and cost-effective practices in coalbed methane exploration.

Why is Leadership Important in the Energy Industry?

According to Prashant Modi, since the Industrial Revolution and throughout the age of modernization, the energy industry has excelled—as well as challenges.

Without the great minds of early inventors, business leaders and researchers, the energy industry would not have grown to discover new, exciting ways to produce electricity, fuel transportation and develop sustainable communities. Modi has been inspired by this progress.

For Prashant Modi, the world is still in its early stages of progress in terms of energy production. However, he believes that with steadfast leadership and innovation, today’s energy executives have the power to introduce transformative concepts that can help boost economies, protect environments and build better communities across the world. An Academic Approach to Leadership.

Although there are many fascinating ways that today’s energy industry mavens broke into the field, Prashant Modi represents those who found professional success by building a solid foundation in education. According to Modi, education is one of the most vital components in building better companies and innovations.

Prashant Modi has always been recognized by his desire to expand his mind and learn new lessons in various areas of study. As the graduate of St. Columbus School—a prestigious high school in New Delhi, Modi was able to take on greater academic endeavors and pursue higher education in the United States of America.

In 1991, Prashant Modi attended Boston University located in Massachusetts. Already witnessing his potential as a business leader and entrepreneur, Modi decided to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Modi uses this business education everyday as a leader in the energy field and through his other ventures.

At Boston University, Modi mastered concepts of economics and finance that have allowed him to meticulously manage businesses in a cost-effective manner. These lessons have also helped him understand how the global market conditions can impact success within a specific industry. Graduating in 1995, Modi used his educational experience to the fullest potential to further shape his ability to grow as a business professional in upcoming years.

After Boston University, Prashant Modi marked his academic capabilities in the business world by completing two highly-competitive programs in executive education at the esteemed Harvard Business School. Having the opportunity to study under accomplished leaders in business and along with many other likeminded peers, Modi found this experience as one of the most transformative accomplishments in his career.

Prashant Modi is one professional that will always have a high regard for education—a value that has allowed him to pursue new ideas in energy at GEECL. In fact, in order to stay on top of trends within the energy industry and as a business leader, Modi continues to pursue education programs. With such a positive experience in continuing education, he serves as a strong example as to why all executives should always find ways to stay tuned into the academic side of business.

A Passion for the Environment.

It is no secret that the energy industry has a major impact on the planet and its environmental health. While continued successes in this market have allowed for rapid social development and innovative technologies throughout modern global history, Prashant Modi believes it is important to stay aware of the environmental impact the energy industry has produced.

As the President and Chief Operation Officer of Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited, Modi has made it his goal to continue to expand new opportunities in eco-friendly energy production. For example, Modi believes that coalbed methane exploration is the next wave of the shale gas revolution that can have a myriad of benefits on the economy, as well as the natural environment.

Comparing coalbed methane (CBM) procurement to previous practices—such as coal mine methane exploration—it is clear that the former is a true advancement in the energy market. For example, Modi notes that CBM reduces environmental risk a great deal, as it emits significantly less emissions into the atmosphereprovides a clean burning fuel, i.e., Methane. He notes that as GEECL and other energy producers adopt CBM exploration tactics, it is likely that environmental conditions will improve.

CBM exploration is also noted as a significantly safer process for those who work in the field, as it does not rely on extensive mining efforts. Coal mine methane procurement, for example, exposed miners to hazardous environments and presented great risk of explosion. These conditions not only made natural gas collection more dangerous for workers and the environment, but also vastly reduced the productivity of energy companies.

Today, under the leadership of Prashant Modi, GEECL has proven that it is quite possible to boost natural gas reserves in a productive, cost-effective and safe fashion and still increase eco-friendly efforts. A Focus on Sustainability.

Sustainability is one of the most important concepts in business leadership, according to Prashant Modi. While many may view sustainable practices as a way to protect and replenish the natural environment through socially responsible activities, Modi notes that the concept also refers to actions that keep businesses viable throughout future generations.

In his leadership role at GEECL, Modi is not only focused on pursuing productive methods of natural gas exploration that help to protect the natural environment, but also work to build a more sustainable business. By carefully conducting market research and responding to ever-changing industry trends with discretion, Modi and his colleagues are able to build a brand that is likely to prove a profitable leader in its field for years to come. Prashant Modi – An Activist for a Brighter Future.

Having already witnessed how much positive change he can create as the COO and President of GEECL, Prashant Modi believes in encouraging all executives to use their leadership in a responsible fashion. Specifically, Modi represents an emerging mindset in business that companies and their leaders can introduce new visions to help improve the planet and its people one step at a time. Encouraging Energy Conservation in Modern Business.

As a leader in India’s energy industry, Modi has found that energy conservation is vital to not only building a more sustainable market, but also more sustainable communities. While there are many ways that individual consumers can reduce their carbon footprint through conservation efforts, Modi believes that companies and executives must lead these trends for greater awareness and impact. According to Prashant Modi, businesses that adopt green practices help show customers that it is not only easy to make eco-friendly changes, but that these small steps can make a huge difference. Modi encourages all business activities that can enhance environmental protection and awareness, such as:• Sponsoring Cleanup Events• Achieving Carbon Neutrality• Rewarding Consumers with Green Incentives• Utilizing Recycled Materials• Reducing Waste• Adopting Energy-Efficient Technologies

While many may believe that large corporations are the only entities that can lead progressive change in eco-friendly behaviors, Modi notes that small businesses actually play a major role in this important social change as well. He explains that small and local businesses have deep ties to their communities and can often influence the viewpoints of their consumers, as they have built loyal followings over the years.

As such, small businesses that make efforts to adopt green practices often discover that they not only improve the environment, but encourage consumers to do so as well. While leading by example is essential to this transformative process, Modi also encourages companies to introduce incentives for green activities.

Research has shown that financial incentives are a great way to get consumers to change habits and explore new options in eco-friendly practices. Supportive of these methods, Modi also notes that those consumers who initially pursue environmentally-friendly activities will find that doing so can actually save them money in the process.

While it will take a long time for every business to adopt green, sustainable, responsible practices, those who make the effort today will help expand this mindset at a gradual pace. Leaders like Modi are essential to the process, as they help others—consumers and business executives alike—understand why it is so important to pursue sustainable practices. Prashant Modi is the president and chief operating officer of Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited.

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Ready to improve the economy and the environment through sustainable measures, Prashant Modi remains a solid example of how to lead with responsibility in today’s business world.

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