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Be in The Sun and Feel The Cool, Bright Light

Author: Grain Tuff
by Grain Tuff
Posted: Jul 29, 2015

What is the coolest way to enjoy the bright sunlight, but to avoid the scorching heat hitting rays? Well! The answer is to use Shade Sails. There are many shapes, out of which triangle shade sails used as a decorative thing with the combination of other shade sails having different shapes. How do you install a shade sail. High density material used in the shade sails makes them sustain the onslaught of the hot weather. They are aptly made to avoid the ultra violet and infra red rays and the scorching heat of sun rays.

Installation should be done after marking high and low points. Before installation check out for the building regulations with your local authorities. While fixing a place for the installation, keep in mind to note the movements of Sun from east and west and then mark the suitable place to install the shade sail. Shade sails should never be installed near open fire or it is not a place for you to prepare your barbeque. Some of these things appear very trivial, at the same time they are very significant and you need to consider them before installation.

Fixing points may differ depending upon the already existing points. If you have a Pargola, a tree big enough to tie the rope to fix up the shade, you can use them instead of mounting some support to install the shade sail. Leave at least one foot space all round the shade sail. Remember that shade sail work well, when there is a space for tension. Please note a few features which you should consider before mounting your shade sails.

  • Consider the size of the shade sail you wish to install.
  • Check out the strength of the anchoring points. It is a very important safety feature to protect those resting under shade sail.
  • The ability to insert the poles should be in such a way that it should support the shade sail, despite of harsh weather conditions.
  • Consider the sun direction and movements. If you are placing shade sails out in a picnic place or if you are preparing snacks, keep the barbeques away from the shade sails.
  • Avoid erecting the poles near open fire. It is necessary for the safety and protection of your beloved resting under the canopy.
  • The triangle shade sails are usually not used in singles, it is either used with the rectangular shade sail or square sail. Various attractive patterns are created when different shapes are used judiciously.
  • Even though, these are some of the common features you should consider, depending upon the situations specific features may also require your consideration.
  • Before installation, check out all the accessories once more. Make sure you have got all the accessories such as eye lag screws, pad eye, eye bolt with nut to install anchors. Snap hook, D-Shackle, and S-hook and Turnbuckle for the links. Chain and cable assembly is required for the extension. These are the least minimum accessories you need to have if you wish to install a shade sail with perfection.

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