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Testing Instruments That Ensure Best Quality Assurance Of Plastics

Author: Presto Group
by Presto Group
Posted: Jul 30, 2015

Plastic is a very versatile material which can be molded into any shape and size. Due to this, this material is used for a variety of products in domestic as well as industrial fields. Another property of plastic is catenation due to which it can form unlimited numbers of isomers with different properties and characteristics. There are many different properties of plastics that make it appropriate for a variety of applications. These properties include tensile strength, compressive strength, non-reactive to chemical, unaffected by environmental factors and so forth.

The plastics are also used in some very critical and crucial applications such as aerospace and aircrafts due to their light weight and high strength. As it is used for such critical applications, it is important to make user that the quality of the plastics is of very high grade so that it could deliver the best performance and last for a long time. The manufacturers of plastic products need to put a great emphasis on the manufacturing process and quality assurance of the products for the best satisfaction of the customers.

The best level of quality can only be achieved only when proper quality testing is commenced during the material procurement, manufacturing and end products dispatch. Quality testing must be performed only with the best precision quality testing instruments. Here are some of the testing devices that must be used for quality assurance of plastic products.

Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile strength is a material denotes the maximum amount of force of tensile nature can be applied to a material without causing its failure. The tensile testing machine is used for performing this test. This test tells about the behavior and its yield strength when it is subjected to any tensile force during its actual usage.

Melt Flow Index

The melt flow index tells about the viscosity and molecular structure of a plastic material. It is given by the amount of plastic that flows through a capillary tube in ten minutes under a pressure of shear force. The melt flow index is inversely proportional to its viscosity. It gives a lot of information about the properties and characteristics of the materials being tested. The test is performed using a testing instrument called Melt Flow Index tester.

Heat Deformation Tester

As everyone knows that plastic can melt when subjected to a particular temperature. When the plastics are subjected to heat, they can deform hence it is essential the temperature at which they become soft enough to experience deformation. The thermal deformation tester helps in determining the Vicat softening temperature or heat deformation temperature of a plastic material.

Along with these, there is a wide assortment of testing instruments that are used for quality testing of plastic instruments for best quality assurance.

Author of this article is associated with Presto Group and he has written many articles on testing equipments, tensile testing machine etc.
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Author of this article is associated with Presto Group and he has written many articles on testing equipments, Demattia Flex tester etc.

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