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Busting Myths Related to SEO Services Toronto

Author: Looupe Zen
by Looupe Zen
Posted: Aug 05, 2015

Get aware on the common misconceptions and myths related to digital marketing service in Toronto and look for professional Toronto search engine optimization services.

With the rising demand of internet marketing in Toronto, there is a rise of those myths too related with the industry. And, there are so many of those misconceptions doing the round of the industry, that it is hard to get to the bottom of them all. There are hundreds of SEO-related ideas and strategies that people think are helpful and will help them in Toronto search engine optimization. However, those actions and strategies will do nothing to improve their targeted traffic to their websites or help boost the business. Thus, when looking for an SEO agency in Toronto, it is essential for one as a customer to be aware of those myths.

Here are some of the most common myths that surround the SEO industry.

  • The need of special search engine pages to get a higher rank is among the most common story doing rounds. Many customers want special "SEO landing pages". While those special landing pages make sense for paid search campaigns, they are not necessary for organic Toronto SEO services and campaigns. If you want to improve the search engine traffic, there is no need to add ne pages, but optimize the existing ones better
  • One should avoid using tables in the HTML code, and this is absolutely baseless.HTML tables have always been searchable by the search engines, and those table codes have never choked the search engine spiders. The story got popularity because some website developers wanted to promote the table fewer designs and made one think that they help in digital marketing service in Toronto.
  • Next myth is the need to optimize for just one keyword phrase per page, and this is what most of the SEOs and businesses believe. They end up optimizing each page of their site for just one keyword phrase, and their vision is that one keyword phrase helps to keep up a strong focus. The issue here is that it can be very difficult to write a page in a natural flow with the use of only one keyword phrase. Moreover, one is waiting their page and efforts by placing only one keyword when the page can be optimized easily for 3-4 keywords. The expert Toronto digital agency will optimize for more than one phrase, and this is very critical to your website and to search engine success.
  • The next you will hear is that do not use image links but only text links. Well, one need not ruin the beautiful look of their website because of the myth. After all, the

Search engines have been able to follow, and index image links from very early days. So go ahead and use image links, and just be careful to use the same words in your anchor text links in your image alt attribute as a leading SEO company Toronto states.

  • You must have heard that to not to use Flash on your website. Well, there is no need to create the entire website in Flash, but you can certainly use Flash elements in bits here and there. Those minor cool effects are not going to bother search engines.

Look for the right Toronto SEO experts who can steer you away from those myths and give you concrete results.

Steven Moore is the author of many books and articles and often writes on internet marketing in Toronto. Here he writes on Toronto SEO company and the myths.

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Patricia Wilson writes SEO articles for SEO Experts Toronto and her articles have appeared in some popular sites. On this page, she discusses the Toronto SEO tactics that are not effective anymore.

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