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What To Do When You Need To Edit A Locked PDF File

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Aug 05, 2015
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Accessibility is the feature that has turned PDF files into a universally accepted format for all types of files. It allows you to easily share your information and ensuring it looks the same for all from any location. The ability to store large amounts of data on a file that is accessible to anyone while taking up less room makes the PDF format appealing to a lot of businesses. For example, assignments may be given to employees by employers in a format that allows them to outline the tasks according to their specifications. A client might submit data to you in PDF format as a means to request services such as editing or writing, or you may receive data from a business partner as part of a collaboration on a project. These are just some of the ways that PDF files make it easier to share and manipulate data. When you find that the PDF file you rely on for important information is locked, your best option may be to unlock PDF files with an online service. A good choice that is easy to use and free is at FoxyUtils - unlock PDF. It also does not require any software installation, keeping your computer safer, as many freeware can have risks of viruses or trojans. To maximize the security of your PDF files, all data transfers are encrypted (https).

Editing PDF Files

When you open a PDF file that is locked, you can see the information and read it but that is it! If you need to edit the information, add files, or rearrange the data, you will not be able to use the file in a way that is productive to you. Often, people need to unlock PDF files when the person or business they received them from is not available to take care of the problem for them quickly enough to avoid delays. Fortunately, if you choose the right online service, you can easily unlock PDF files and bypass the need for passwords. Follow these steps to unlock the PDF file and enable editing:

  • Search for a free online service that is easy to use like the one listed previously.
  • Select your PDF files from your computer for uploading to the website.
  • Choose the password you want to use to unlock the document. Often, this step is not required.
  • Unlock the PDF with the click of a button

Before starting the process, you should determine the size of the file that you need to unlock and decide whether the basic account is appropriate for your needs. The basic account will unlock PDF files of 50MB while those that are up to 200MB can be unlocked by signing up for a free account. It is also important to understand that not all PDF files can be unlocked in this way. Those with encryption such as DRM may not be subject to unlocking.

The reason that files are locked initially is to keep the data in them secure and prevent certain modifications and uses of the documents. Although you need and have the right to access this data, you don’t want to put it at risk by using a non-reputable unlock PDF site. Choose one that takes security seriously and which will remove the files once the unlocking process has been completed.

Many of the free websites upload your files through plain text to their server, making it vulnerable to network sniffing which could capture the document, both on your end and on the server end. The use of encryption and transfers over https enhances the security significantly and protects you and your client’s documents from external access. FoxyUtils services are only offered through an encrypted https connection.

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