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Darren Lamothe

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Advantages of Using High Quality Anti Stripping Agent for Asphalt

One of the most common problems faced by highway departments is stripping. Stripping usually occurs when there is a loss of adhesion between the aggregate and the asphalt binder. Sometimes it may also...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Jun 04, 2015
Advantages of Using Road Dust Control for Unpaved Road Surfaces

Dust control is a crucial aspect of meeting certain health, environmental, and safety requirements. Road dust control systems for unpaved roads do not merely reduce emissions. They help protect...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Nov 04, 2015
Asphaltene Dispersant Increases the Stability in Crude Oil to Help Prevent Deposition

One of the major problems today, when it comes to oil wells is the asphaltene deposition. Since crude oil wells are extremely busy day in and day out, digging up essential oils to meet customer...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Jan 31, 2015
Benefits of Using Industrial Degreaser

Industrial products, particularly those that see daily abuse, retain layers of stubborn grease, dirt, and grime over time. These are dirt and grime build-ups that resist the action of typical...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Dec 04, 2015
Characteristics of a Good Conveyor Belt Deicing Compound

A deicer or a deicing compound is one, which is used to remove effectively the frozen snow and also thaw the conveyor belt in an industry during the winter months. Conveyor belts in manufacturing...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Aug 03, 2015
Choose the Right Inhibited Ethylene Glycol That Transfers Heat Fluid from Your Unit

Ethylene glycol is an organic compound which is primarily used as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibers and fabric industry. A little percentage is also used in industrial applications...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 31, 2014
Conveyor Belt De-Icer: an Ideal Solution to Prevent Conveyor Systems from Freezing

Conveyor belts are easy to use, but their maintenance is a tedious job, as they need to be cleaned and serviced on a regular basis. Moreover, it is tough to keep them functioning properly in harsh...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Aug 03, 2016
Day to Day Use of Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral in the body and it is present in certain types of food. It is important for many bodily systems especially your heart, nerves, bones, and muscles. Magnesium...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 31, 2014
Ethylene Glycol Inhibitor- a Solution to Prevent Corrosion

In the mist of globalization, we are focusing on inorganic and organic chemicals for better safety of properties and industrial applications. Whenever the safety is concerned, humans always desired...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 31, 2014
Everything You Need to Know About Corrosion Inhibitor

In a world filled with technical innovations and incredible scientific discoveries, there is one more glorious feather added to our caps- the corrosion inhibitors. This one liquid (or chemical...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Jan 31, 2015
General Purpose Vehicle Cleaning Chemicals and Degreasing Cleaners

Whether you have a commercial car shop or are prepping your car for sale, it is important to have the proper cleaning products at hand to ensure the quality of your work. Before doing any mechanical...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Sep 29, 2015
Guide for Choosing Propylene Glycol Coolant for Stationary Engines

Coolant, which is also known as ‘antifreeze’, is an essential element that protects the engine from freezing while preventing corrosion and sustaining the overall heat balance in the engine. Coolant...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 04, 2016
High Quality Anti Stripping Agents for the Asphalt Industry

Anti stripping agents are used during the road construction with traditional hot mixing surfacing. An anti stripping agent reduces the water caused damage to pavements which have bitumen and extends...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Aug 28, 2014
How to Choose an Industrial Degreasing Solvent

Choosing an industrial degreaser can take a great deal of time and energy researching the multitude of products on the market. Some features to look for in an industrial degreaser are:dissolves oil...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Nov 02, 2016
How to Find the Best Hydro Test Fluid Rental Services in Canada

To find the best hydro test fluid rental services, you must look for a company that offers a complete service including delivery, mobilization & demobilization of the product, tank rentals and...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial May 31, 2017
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