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Patrick Duncan

Member since: May 11, 2020
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Achieving Aluminium and Steel Fabrication with Precision, Accuracy and Cost-Efficiency

Aluminium (Al) is widely used as a structural engineering material due to its excellent strength to density ratio, toughness and corrosion-resistant properties. Aluminium fabrication services use a...

Articles > Home & Garden > Other Mar 19, 2021
Advanced Custom Aluminium Fabrication to Fit Your Project and Production Requirements

Custom aluminium fabrication is the creation of an end product from raw or semi-finished materials, to meet specific project and production requirements. Instead of end products being assembled from...

Articles > Home & Garden > Tools & Equipment May 14, 2021
Basic Raw Materials Used in Metal Fabrication Processes

Metal fabrication involves many different processes including cutting and forming for creating metal parts, components and machinery. Some of the common techniques of fabrication include broaching...

Articles > Home & Garden > Other Jun 18, 2020
Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication for All Your Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Applications

Stainless steel is resistant to both corrosion and staining. This iron alloy contains chromium which naturally develops a chromium oxide film on the surface of the sheet. When stainless steel is...

Articles > Home & Garden > Other May 02, 2021
Custom Steel Fabrication by Experienced Fabricators Ensure the Specifications and Integrity

Steel fabrication is required by various industries including aerospace, construction, railways, defence, metallurgy, and more, to meet their varying project requirements. However, custom steel...

Articles > Home & Garden > Other May 23, 2021
Custom Steel Fabrication Services to Meet Project Requirements of Any Complexity and Size

When you require something manufactured from steel to your exact specifications, you will most likely need to approach custom steel fabricators, who can employ a wide range of industrial tools and...

Articles > Home & Garden > Other May 28, 2021
Get Precise Tolerance, Specifications and Finish Quality, All Managed Under One Roof Through Custom

Stainless steel is very malleable, allowing the material to be quickly and easily fabricated in various forms for use in structural, commercial, residential, industrial and decorative constructions...

Articles > Home & Garden > Other Jun 25, 2021
Sheet Metal Fabrication and Its Different Techniques

Sheet metal fabrication includes a group of processes that use sheet metal to develop different types of machines and structures. Fabrication includes the forming, shaping and unifying of metal to...

Articles > Home & Garden > Tools & Equipment May 29, 2020
Use of Stainless Steel for Fabricating Different Products

Today, stainless steel has become one of the most indispensable materials around the world. Due to its outstanding properties like high strength, durability and versatility, it is used in various...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Services May 14, 2020

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