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Threatcop Kratikal

Member since: Oct 21, 2021
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A Cis’s Guide to Security Awareness Training for Employees

Security is everyone’s responsibility and when it comes to an organization’s security, every member is responsible for ensuring good cyber hygiene. Well, the only way to do this is by providing...

Articles > Business & Careers > Corporate Oct 31, 2021
How Attackers Hack Mobile Phones to Breach an Organization?

If you think that there is no way cyber criminals can hack your organization through mobile phones, think again. Whether your company has just ten employees or a thousand, your business is at risk as...

Articles > Business & Careers > Corporate Oct 30, 2021
Human Error Behind 5 ‘High-Profile’ Healthcare Data Breaches

Over the last few years, the healthcare industry has become an extremely popular target amongst cyber criminals. Serving as a gold mine of valuable data, this industry has attracted the interest of...

Articles > Computers > Data Recovery Nov 25, 2021
Human Error: a Major Cyber Security Threat to the Financial Sector

As cyber crimes keep growing at an unprecedented rate, the financial sector has become one of the most targeted industries worldwide. An article published by Insider reports that financial...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Oct 24, 2021
Notorious Ransomware Attacks by Revil in 2021

REvil (Ransomware Evil), also known as Sodinokibi, is an infamous private ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) group held responsible for several vicious ransomware attacks on organizations worldwide...

Articles > Business & Careers > Training Nov 11, 2021
The Main Purpose of Security Awareness Training

As cyber criminals are always looking for the weak spots in your organization’s infrastructure, overlooking the vulnerability level of employees is the gravest mistake you can make. The only way to...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Nov 22, 2021
Top 5 Cyber Attacks and Security Breaches Caused by Human Error

Despite the rapid rise in cyber security growth rate over the last few years, organizations worldwide are still haunted by the increasing number of cyber attacks. The major reason for this is that...

Articles > Business & Careers > Training Oct 29, 2021

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ThreatCop is a cyberattack simulator and security awareness training tool to help employees combat phishing, vishing, smishing, cyber scam, ransomware, etc.