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Riyaz Tamboli

Member since: Jan 23, 2015
Published articles: 49

All About Digitally Signed Invoice from Tally Erp 9

With digitization taking over India, there is a lot of information made available to people electronically. One of these empowering technologies is the digital signature. It is an electronic form of...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Services Nov 21, 2017
Benefits of Digital Signature

Everything is digitized in this online era. One of the concepts to be reckoned with is e-signing. Digital signatures have become a reality in several industries and the trend is only growing by the...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Services Oct 26, 2017
Choosing an Erp System for Freight Forwarding and Logistics Business

The complex nature of the shipping and logistics industry combined with the fierce competition that exists in this sector brings unique challenges to the small and medium-sized operators. This makes...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Mar 20, 2015
Five Valuable Tally Services That Increase Business Efficiency

In this immensely competitive world, it has become absolutely essential for businesses to have the right means to streamline their processes. Today, there are some highly effective Tally services for...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Jun 30, 2015
Fundamentals of Tally Erp 9

Tally ERP 9 is the world's fastest and most powerful concurrent Multi lingual business accounting and inventory management software. Designed quite exclusively in order to fulfil the requirements of...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Mar 16, 2016
Generating E-Way Bills is Simple Now with New Tally Software

The introduction of Tally e-Way bill and consequently the Tally.ERP 9 software to manage it has relieved the inter-state transporters. While there is plenty of interstate transportation of goods, the...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Services May 18, 2018
How Are E Way Bills Recorded in Tally Erp 9

Introduction of GST has been a reformative step to improve interstate transportation of goods. Transporters have an array of procedures to follow on movement of goods between states. They have to...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Jul 30, 2018
How Data is Secured with Tally Erp 9?

As far as data is concerned, Tally has always been one of the most secure business applications in the world. In most systems, an individual knowing the database password, who is typically an IT...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Sep 22, 2016
How Tally Software Has Evolved over the Years?

Tally Accounting Software dates back to several years with a long history to go back to. The power of tallying is unanimous all over the globe to record quantities. Its presence was measured in nearly...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Nov 24, 2015
How to Become a Certified Tally Professional?

A professional certified by Tally is a canopy brand for all kind of certifications which Tally does. Just like any other certification, this is a try from tally solutions to generate its own certified...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Dec 22, 2015
How to Calculate Value of Supply Under Gst?

Value of Supply is a vital concept under GST as it regulates the GST payable in a transaction. The GST act states that value of a supply of services or goods is the value of the transaction, which is...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Jul 26, 2017
How Useful is Customer Profiling App in Profiling the Customer?

Knowing your Customers is the secret of successful selling. Your current customers are vital sources of information and the more you know about them, the easier it can be to enhance their spending...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Dec 29, 2016
Tally Piracy: a Never Ending Struggle for Tally

India has a list of successful companies to boast of in the software services space. Despite being the global leader in the IT space, we are nowhere near the global giants in the products segment...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Apr 19, 2016
Tally Solutions Preferred by Most Indian Smes

With a history of more than 2 decades, Tally Solutions is a multi-product organization delivering flexible business solutions for diverse as well as complex business requirements. The company is...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Aug 22, 2016
Tally’s High Powered Features for Individuals and Corporate

Tally with all the popularity it has garnered is known to be an accounting software for small and medium businesses. It does all the functions of accounting that a specific mid-sized business has...

Articles > Finance > Accounting Nov 23, 2016
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Riyaz Tamboli is a Director at Antraweb Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of Tally ERP solutions built on the Tally platform.